The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 6


RECAP: Sita is ready for Swayamvar, Janak apologises to Sita.

Drums roll and trumpets blow, as Sitas swayamvar starts with a grand opening. The Shiva Dhanush is brought into the swayamvar hall, glistening in its grandeur. Flowers are showered upon it. Raja Janak bows to the Shiva Dhanush and to Sage Yagnavalkya. The princes who are competing for Sitas hand arrive. They are warmly welcomed.

Sita, looking like an apsara from heaven, is accompanied by Urmila and Queen Sunaina into the swayamvar hall. Sita prays to the bow, and silently requests Lord Shiva to bless her and grant her wish. She looks around and is heartbroken to note Rams absence. A conch sounds, signalling the start of the swayamvar. Many kings and prince try to move the Shiva Dhanush, but are unsuccessful. The competitors taunt each other, only to fail at the task themselves. They grow more angry as all of them become unsuccessful at the task.

Suddenly, a silence fills the hall, as Lankapati Raavan steps in. Sita grows pale, as she has heard of Raavans ego. Raavan taunts the participants and calls them cowards. he approaches the Dhanush and says that once I complete this tiny task, I will take the bow along with Sita to Lanka. Sita becomes scared as Raavan begins to lift the bow. he lifts it a little, but loses his grip on it. In rage and fury, he insults Janak and calls him a cheat, and reveals that Sita is not Janaks real daughter. He calls Sita a orphan and demands to know which lineage she is from. He leaves the hall in fury. Tears roll down Sitas face….

The participants decide to battle it out for Sitas hand. Suddenly, a voice fills the hall, ‘Fight with these two princes if u dare!’ Bhramarishi Vishwamitra enters the hall, followed by Ram and Lakshman. Sita looks at Ram in joy. Vishwamitra commands Ram to string the Shiva Dhanush and remove Janaks worry. Ram takes his blessing and bows to the Dhanush. He catches hold of the Dhanush while Sita closes her eyes in prayer. To Sitas utmost joy, Ram effortlessly picks up the Shiva Dhanush!

The Mithila family is overjoyed, pleased that Sita will get married soon. Ram lowers the bow, and picks up the string. Sita smiles, beside herself with joy. As Ram attempts to bend the bow, a deafening crack fills the hall as the bow snaps into two! The whole hall is shocked, including Ram. He apologises to Janak and says, ‘I do not know how the bow broke, but I know there is a reason behind it. Just because I fulfilled the rule, does not mean Sita has to marry me. She reserves the right to choose her husband. If she wishes not to marry me, she may fearlessly say so.’

Sita smiles and says, ‘The man who respected my rights as woman, the man who displayed my fathers qualities, the man who gave me my right to decide, what more could I want than this prince?’ Ram looks on in astonishment, slowly smiling, not able to believe that she accepted him. Her mother, her sisters, and Raja Janak are delighted to hear this. Sita, that beauty from heaven, approaches Ram, and with a sweet smile and blushing cheeks, places the fragrant garland around his neck, declaring that she wants to marry him. Ram and Sita look at each other….

The sound of thunder startles the happy family. They look on in horror as Lord Parashuram enters the hall, in a great rage. Ram instinctively stands in front of Sita to protect her.

PRECAP: Parashuram threatens to kill Ram

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    thank you…. one thing i wanna ask is it boring because we already know the story?

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