The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 5

RECAP: Sita falls in love with Ram, the prince of Ayodhya, without seeing him and returns to Mithila.

King Janak overhears Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga talking about Chandrabhagas desire of getting Mandavi and Shrutakirti married before Sita. Kushadwaj asks her to stop this, I have told you before itself, Sita is the eldest kanya, only after she is married can our daughters and Urmila marry, why are you doing this. She says I do not have faith that Sita will ever get married, because she is born of the Mother Earth, not in any prestigious Kul or clan, who will accept her as their kulvadhu. She says my children should not suffer for Sitas sake… Janak gets tearful and leaves…

He consults Queen Sunaina. He tells her sorrowfully about Chandrabhagas wish to get her daughters married before Sita, and the reason for it. Queen Sunaina gets shocked. She tells him that Sita has a boon, that whoever will be able to string the Shiva Dhanush will be the only eligible suitor to marry her, this boon may seem to control Sita and not give her the right to select her husband, but fate will ensure she loves the man who will complete this task.

Her destiny will be to marry the man she loves from her heart, and we must pray that man can complete this task. Thus King Janak comes to a decision with a heavy heart: that he will conduct Sitas swayamvar. Queen Sunaina consoles him saying that this is a part of life, and will be the right thing to do…

Sita and her sisters talk about Tarakas death. Sita is daydreaming about Ram. her heart longs to see him, the one who possesses her compassion and patience, as well as her heart.

King Janak announces Sitas swayamvar. Invitations are sent to kingdoms far and wide. An invitation arrives to Ayodhya too. But as Ram and Lakshman are not at home, They send a reply refusing to take part. Sita is heartbroken, Janak feels the need to confess to Sita his guilt at this decision. He talks to Sita and asks for her forgiveness as he did not consult her. She replies that she will accept whatever he chooses for her as she is aware that he has her best interests at heart. She consoles him and tells him not to feel guilty about the swayamvar, and that she will make use of this opportunity.

Chandrabhaga and Sunaina arrange all the arrangements for the swayamvar.
Its the day of the swayamvar. Sita is getting prepared by her sisters. Her sisters bring arrays of gold jewellery, and fight over whose is to be worn by her. Sita chooses a mixed variety from all of her sisters collections. Her sisters adorn her with exquisite jewellery and clothes. She is now ready, and hoping that her Prince Charming Ram will attend the swayamvar.

Janak and Sita get emotional, thinking of Sitas bidaai which must take place after marriage. Sita consoles Janak saying no ritual, no custom can make me away from your heart, I will forever remain your Janaki, Mithilas Maithili, and Videhas Vaidehi. No one and nothing can separate me from you mentally.

PRECAP: Swayamvar Saptah

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