The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 4


RECAP: Sita avoids separation from her sisters…. Sita learns the truth of her birth from Devi Gargi…

A messenger arrives at King Janaks court. He gives the news that Ayodhyas Ashwa from the Ashwamedha Yagna will be travelling through Mithila region soon. Sita hears this, and feels pity on the horse who has benign running for almost a year continuously without food, water or rest. Taking some water and fodder, she runs to the area where the horse will be appearing. The horse gallops towards her and rears up on its hind legs, an impressive sight…
Sita calms the horse.

Sita smiles and feeds the horse. She tells it to take rest for a while as it has been running for so long. The guards ask who she is and threaten to punish her for stopping the horse. She says I don’t see this as a horse of an Ashwamedha Yagna, I see it as a tired animal. The guards ask who she is. She says that she is the princess of this region, the Maithili of Mithila, the Janaki of Raja Janak. The guards apologise to her and go with her to the palace.

Sita takes care of the horse. It has a large gash on its leg. Sita uses her extensive knowledge of Ayurveda and grinds some herbs for the horse. She tends to the horse. Soon its time for it to leave. Sita bids farewell to it, her eyes brimming with tears, for she knows its death isn’t far away….

The villagers near Bhramarishi Vishwamitras ashram are tortured by Subahu and Mareecha, Tarakas sons. They approach Vishwamitra for help. he brings the grief stricken villagers to his ashram. They begin to build a new life there. To assist in their preparations, Kushadwaj send the four sisters to Bhramarishi Vishwamitras ashram. Sita and her sisters her the poor dislocated villagers to cheer up and view life from a different angle… They cook food and perform other services to them.

One day in the ashram Sita sees the horse from the Ashwamedha Yagna. She is delighted to see it alive and healthy. She gets to know that the horse belongs to Lakshman, who is here to kill Taraka along with his brother. Sita asks Lakshman about the horse, and learns that it was saved by the crown prince of Ayodhya Ram, who is Lakshmans elder brother. From his description of Ram, Sita falls in love with him. She cooks food for the two of them and sends it to them. Ram and Lakshman enjoy the amazing flavours and taste of Sitas food.

Sita leaves the ashram with her sisters as the villagers are now well-settled and happy. But her heart was filled with longing to see Ram. As she leaves the ashram, she tries to catch a glimpse of Ram, who is running down the mountain to see her after hearing Lakshmans description of her…. But the time is not right, and Sita leaves before Ram can see her…. Siya Ram ka milan na hua…

PRECAP: Janak overhears Kushadwaj and Chandrabhagas conversation

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