The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 3


RECAP: Mandavi, Urmila and Shrutakirti are born… They grow up into young kids… Kushadwaj wins a war and Sita is sad…

Mandavi and Shrutakirti come into the Kaksh where Sita is sitting… They see her tears and inquire why she is sad…. She explains the situation to them and they began crying too… They run out into the gardens.
Sita finds Urmila and goes after her cousins. She looks for them all over the place and the royal gardens, but they are not to be found. Urmila suggests they search their secret hideout.

Sita and Urmila find Mandavi and Shrutakirti in the hideout. All the sisters hug, tears rolling down their faces… Sita explains to her cousins why this situation has arised, and tells them that following their parents is the right thing to do. But Mandavi says she will plead with her parents to let her and Shrutakirti stay in Mithila.

Sita tells her father King Janak about her situation and requests him to let her cousins stay with her. King Janak calls a meeting with Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga. He explains the beautiful relationship of the four sisters and requests them to think over it and come to a good decision. Miracle of miracles, they agreed to Sitas request! All the four sisters are bursting with happiness…

King Janak is in the Sabha, when someone asks him why he is content with daughters. He says i don’t worry whether my child is a girl or a boy, my only wish was that my child should be brave , and my wish got fulfilled by Sita. He receives a suggestion of educating Sita in the Vedas and fine arts. So he organises a Gyaan Sabha to find the best teacher for Sita. Soon its time to choose Sitas teacher. Sita has a very independent way of thinking and liberty of speech. So King Janak decided that Devi Gargi, the only female rishi of that time, would be the ideal teacher for Sita as she and Sita shared a similar way of free thinking and actions. Sita was very glad for this, and began her studies under Devi Gargi along with her sisters.

Sita comes to know about the curse given to Ahilya by Maharishi Gautama.
Her father King Janak tells her the story of Ahilyas cheat by Lord Indra and the resultant curse on Mata Ahilya. She asks can the curse never be lifted. Maharishi Gautama says the curse will wear off when a brave descendant of King Raghu, a Raghuvanshi, will go to the ashram where Ahilya is and relieve her of the curse. Sita prays to Mata Gauri for this to happen soon..

Sita goes to Devi Gargis ashram. On the way she sees a deer that has got hurt and in stuck in the thorny bushes. She takes it in her arms and comforts it, and hurries to the ashram to heal its leg wound. Over there, Devi Gargi tells about Sitas kind caring nature and how its evidence is Sitas birth. Sita says my birth? And Devi Gargi reveals to Sita that she was born from a furrow created by a golden plough, and that she has another name, Bhoomija. Sita gets very upset and runs home…. Her parents get to know what happened and tell her that this fact about her birth makes her unique.. She cheers up.

PRECAP: Sita and her sisters are now beautiful maidens… Sita stops the Ashwamedha horse.

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