The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 2

AUTHORS NOTE: Thanks for the inspiring comments… loved ur response… i think i will write more than 10 episodes… hope todays slightly longer episode will be better than the first one…

RECAP: Baby Sita is born and rains commence after the long drought

The birth of baby Sita not only brought about fertility in the soil, but also in her family. When Sita was one year old, Chandrabhaga realised to the great joy and happiness of every citizen of Mithila, that she was carrying Sitas cousin sister. The kingdom rejoiced, and there was festivity in the air….. Its Chaandrabhagas godhbharayi ceremony today. King Janak and his brother Kushadwaj looks on with pride, as the ceremony takes place in a grand manner.

Queen Sunaina rushes into the court and gives the good news of the birth of a baby girl. Kushadwaj is delighted and rushes to see the child… with a beautiful face and wide eyes, the baby was a picture of beauty. She is named Mandavi…

Soon Sita gets another sister, a charming baby whose smile can hypnotise the admirer, whose eyes are the best of all. She is named Urmila, the enchantress, for these very qualities. Urmila is the second daughter of King Janak and Queen Sunaina. Sita by now is a spirited, brave and righteous 4 year old, who understood her responsibility to look after her sisters. Mandavi is a gifted 2 year old who is a very quick learner. The sisters life was one of bliss and eternal joy..
Mandavi too receives a sister for a birthday gift, a sister with the sweetest voice, a sister with the softest skin…. She is named Shrutakirti.

The four sisters grow up into inquisitive, curious and happy kids, all healthy and intelligent. Mandavi, Urmila and Shrutakirti have great respect for Sita, their eldest sister. She becomes the string that connects them, the one person they trust as much as their mothers. She is so important to them, they can live without their parents but not without their pyaari Sita didi…. They become a example of perfect sisterhood…

But good times don’t last long. The father of Mandavi and Shrutakirti, Kushadwaj is suddenly faced with the invasion of an powerful enemy into Mithila… he heads out to war. as he is leaving, Sita volunteers to go with him. The whole royal family is shocked at the thought of a small girl wanting to go to war. Upon being questioned, she says the reason for her decision is that she wants to save her kingdom, the fragrant Mithila, the land of kind hearted people, the Mithila Praja, and her dearest home. But she gets convinced to stay back.

Kushadwaj wins the war, as well as the kingdom of the enemy. The Praja of Mithila rejoice, but in the palace, sits a sad a melancholy Sita, for she knows that this victory means she will have to be separated from her cousin sisters…..

PRECAP: Mandavi and Shrutakirti disappear

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  1. awesome , loved the way u described each child . the way u write makes me imagine the scene . that is the quality of a good writer , keep rocking dearie . update next episode soon

    1. Anushya

      thanks so much di

  2. Padmaja

    Wow ur writing in an awesome manner.. really love ur writing skill cutie… and the epi is fantastic.. and nice precap

  3. Astra…no words to say… Its awesome and awesome… Fell in love with this ff…

  4. NABANITA626

    Love a lot your wriring???

  5. Anushya

    thanks sisters… u r comments are really motivational…

  6. Anushya

    thanks sisters… u r comments are really motivational

  7. anushya your ffs are amazing. i mean the way u described the sister s characters. it was mind blowing .

  8. Anushya

    thanks all for lovely response…. luv u sisters…. next epi posted

  9. Anushya

    padma akka, nabanita di, preethi and varshini di im in love with all of ur dps…

    1. thank u dear , ur dp is also very cute dearie

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