The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 10

RECAP: Lakshmans birthday. Sita gets hurt and Ram takes care of her. Sita hears a boys cry….

Sita feels an irresistible urge to save whoever cry she heard. She stumbles and limps to the sound, and sees a small boy hiding with fear there. She tries to go close to him. Suddenly an eagle attacks her from behind! She turns away as an arrow slices through the air and impales itself in the eagles body. She turns to see her Raghunandan. He comes to her and holds her close, as she is shivering from fright.
Ram- Why did u come here without me Sita?
Sita- Raghunandan I heard a small boy crying
Ram- Small boy? Where?
Sita goes to the boy and he hugs her tightly. She takes him from behind the bush. He gets scared of Ram.
Sita- Putra, Raghunandan will not harm you. You are safe now.
Lakshman comes with some herbs for Sita. The boy hides behind Sita.
She smiles and says- Lakshman bhaiya will also not do anything to you okay putra?
The boy smiles. Ram enquires from him of his identity, and feels a need to reunite him with his parents. So they travel to the village where the boy is from and decide to hand him over to his teacher.
They encounter many dangers on their journey, but Lakshmans bravery and Rams war skills protect them all.

Once the boy was stolen by some birds, who were really demons. During that time, Sita had tricked Lakshman into taking rest. On the spur of the moment, Sita shoots the demon carrying the boy, and runs to catch him as falls from the clouds. Ram walks into a sandstorm and rescues the boy. Sita’s eyes are filled with tears of devastation as the boy is unconsious. She revives the boy, who hugs her and Ram tightly. Together they hug each other…

They succeed in getting the boy back home. His mother thanks Ram, and they villagers sing his praise. Ram and others stay in the boys ashram for a few days then proceed to Panchavati. They have many exciting adventures on the way….

One day Sita is cooking food. She accidentally hurts her hand. A large gash one her right arm is bleeding. Her Raghunandan dashes to her side.
Ram- Sitae, what happened?
Sita- I dont know, suddenly I got hurt, its paining badly…
Ram- I told u na, forest is dangerous, this is why I refused to let you come.
Sita- (angry) Raghunandan, today I got to know the real opinion of you on me. You think I’m weak, that I’m a delicate darling, and I have become a burden on you in this vanvaas. You think i cant take any pain for my Swami…. (she begins to cry)
Ram, the epitome of gentleness, calms her like calm water. He hold her close, and takes one of her soft hands in his.
Ram- Sitae, I know you are very brave and strong. I don’t think you are at all delicate. Forgive me sweetheart. No, you are not a burden, you are wealth to me, your knowledge and compassion keeps me going Sitae…. you are the stronger half of our relationship. Whenever I broke down, you stayed strong for me. Your are my sweet hardworking little wife….
Sita- Sorry Swami, I didn’t understand the meaning of your words.
Ram simply hugs her in response.

Ram decides to build a hut for Sita, as she faces extreme hardships out in the open. Sita id doubtful about the site chosen for the house, as it is near a waterfall, but Lakshman insists on the house being built there.They begin work cheerfully. Ram relives all the moments he has shared with his beloved wife as they set up home.
Ram, Sita and Lakshman, upon completion of the hut, smile at their handiwork.

PRECAP: Ram Sita and Lakshman are devastated

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  1. wow anu amazing loved it , your ff was really nostalgic.reminded me of those scenes.good work

    1. Anushya

      thank you preethi cutie ur ff is great too

      1. thank u a lot anushya

  2. ram’s words when sita got hurt was awesome . eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Anushya

      thanks di

  3. Padmaja

    Dear it is fabulous.. l enjoyed it a lot.. and it reminded me of flash back

    1. Anushya

      thanks ka… luv u

      1. Padmaja

        Luv u too ♡♡

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