sita’s sisters

A GREAT SCHOLAR AND TALANTED PAINTER,WIFE OF LAKSHMAN, LADY of wisdom and character,incarnation of ksheer sagar.
Wanted to accompany her husband in forest for 14 but stays back in Ayodhya on his request living a vanaprastha life wearing the same saree for 14 years serving the3 mother in laws,painting Ram-Sita wedding scenes and visiting ashrams gaining knowledge on ved etc.She once asked Lakshman that who attack demons first-you or Ram,he replies-Ram,as he doesn’t allow him.She says-Its a duty of younger brother,to serve the elder.He promised to do so.
She wanted to meet his husband but she was not healthy so the elders wanted her to stay back.She secretely went there and saw and heard Lakshman saying to Bharat-I can serve Ram-Sita because of selfless devotion of my wife.She lefts her clothes,wore new clothes and went back to Ayodhya.Sita got the clothes,recognized it and gave it to Lakshman who kept that with him for 14 years and came back taking that with him.
Once Kaushalya asked her how she lives without showing any sign of worry,she replies that an ideal wife should encourage his husand to perform his duty and shouldn’t stop him.She never cried for those 14 years.

Once she was painting Ram-Sita wedding scene,Mandavi praises her for her devotion for Ram,she said she is doing as Kaushalya asked but has her own selfish reason so as to get his blessings.Ram always remain thankful to her.
When Lakshman was hurt by shakti,hannumn conveyed.Sumitra started crying.She pacified her saying-His heart is filled with Ram’s love,nothing can happen ,he might be sleeping.No demon can lift his body because of his devotion.

Sita learnt a lot from her regarding duties and fasts performed by wives which she followed in exile and Lanka.
According to few versons,she took Lakshman’s share of sleep to keep him awake and asks for aboon from godess of sleep that her husband forgets her for those 14 years.In some versions,It was narad.
When LAKSHMAN returned,goes to meet her,she was not able to recognise him,she asks him to stay away otherwise her husband,father,brother in laws might kill him.He pacified her by assuring that he is her husband Lakshman.Sita says-Even thousands of Sita can’t compare her sacrifice.
Once Ram cursed Lakshman to become a tree.She worshipped that tre,applied sandle paste and poured milk from a hole in the tree.
Ram gave her a boon to be worshipped at pune,Jagannath temple along with balaram.sheshnag or laxman,jagannath and subhadra as vimala devi who is consort of shesh and ksheer sagar itself.

incarnation of laxmi’s shankh,A GREAT EMBRIDERER,WIFE OF BHARAT,lady of wisdom and character
Spent 14 years serving mothers,chanting ram’s name and doing embroidery.

during exile,it was her desire to meet her husband at night,helping and advising him in affairs of state,serving the 3 mothers.

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