Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 40

The palace was decorated with oil lamps at every corner of the palace. The flowers of various kinds were decorated
Urmila thinks when she did Lakshman ‘s arti 14 years back and now 14 years later to welcome him
but he can’t recognize him,she went to his room and started painting a portrait of him.

Lakshman sees her and follows to her room
She says – no, please don’t touch me, my husband will not leave you
He does shaving and says – see, I am your husband, Lakshman
She cries and hugs him but notices the wounds on his chest
He says – I am alive because of your love
She closes his mouth and says – don’t say this
She says – please let me cry now

He says – please let me cry also
They cried hugging each other
They held each other’s hands never to let that leave. Urmila wakes from sleep of 14 years and she and his husband Lakshman went to the normal hours of sleep (I read in an article that Sita has given a boon to her sister Urmila that she can do 3 works at the same point of time so she kept sleeping for 14 years along with serving mothers)
They touched mothers feet. Ram says – we are back

Mandavi instructed by Kaikeyi told everything about the letter. Everyone asks for forgiveness. Bharat hugs her. Kaikeyi says – no need, the best thing is that we are together. They smile.
The sisters take Sita to her room and ask about agnipariksha.
Sita says – Shrutakirti is right, he asked me for agnipariksha not as a husband but as a king, to protect family reputation is our responsibility
The sisters agree and hug.
The coronation ceremony happened and everyone is happy

Sita says – Urmila, Lakshman, I want to tell something about him
She says – tell
Sita says – I made the most horrible blames at him, it started with the golden deer, I requested Ram to fetch it, when he doesn’t return, I asked Lakshman to look for him, he was not ready to leave me alone but when I saw him not leaving and searching for my brother, I lost my temper and got mad
She says – because of anger, he did not wish to help his brother and said many horror words, so he left

Lakshman comes – bhabhi, what you said was your love for your husband, I am not angry,forget that
She says – you both forgive me, if I haven’t crossed Lakshman ‘s rekha, this wouldn’t have happened
He says – we are not angry, please don’t ask for forgiveness, you are elder
She says – yes didi, what all you said and happened was a part of destiny, we are not angry, please don’t ask for forgiveness
The sisters hug.
Lakshman comes to his room and closes the door. Urmila moves back. Lakshman comes closer to her and touches her. She feels relaxed. She moves to the dressing table, he comes closer and removes her dupatta and opens her hair.
They look at each other ‘s eyes. He says – you have made the night more beautiful,
they consummate their marriage.

1 year later
8 sons were born in the palace

Ram – Sita – Lav – Kush
Lakshman – Urmila – Angad-Chandraketu
Bharat – Mandavi – Taksh- Pushkal
Shatrughn – Shrutakirti – Shatrughati-Subahu
I am following ram charit manas concept, so no Sita’s exile, in the book it is not mentioned in detail, so I am avoiding it
With the passage of time, all the parents died

Lav Kush ruled North and South Kosal
Angad – Chandraketu ruled Angdiya and Chandrakanti, two parts of karupadh
Taksh – Pushkal ruled takshshila and pushkala
Shatrughati – Subahu ruled Vidisha and Mathura

The end

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