Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 38

An arrow was coming towards Lakshman . He looked at it in speechless horror, as it approached, it moved to Lakshman ‘s heart tearing his chest bringing a hurdle in the war. Ram held his body and he was lying motionless. Ram is crying with his head on his lap
Urmila says – the last 14 years had been painful but the last two months had been even more painful, how after Sita’s abduction by Ravan, Ram, mad with grief has searched for her and through kabandh and shabari, they led to pampa sarovar, where sugriv, the exiled king of kishkindha was hiding from his brother

Mandavi says – they have found some of the Sita’s jewels which she has thrown, as sugriv gave the bundle to Ram, a new bond of friendship grew between them, Ram promised sugriv to regain his lost kingdom and wife from vali
Shrutakirti says – sugriv offered to help him to invade lanka and get back Sita to Ram, he sent hanuman to lanka and he found her in ashok vatika and assured her for Ram ‘s arrival but before returning, he burnt Lanka except ashok vatika and vibhishan palace and reassured if Sita is safe
Mandavi says – Ram built a bridge over sea and came to lanka
Shatrughn says – Bharat has called everyone to nandigram
Sumitra says – is Sita free, has Ram killed Ravan

They went to nandigram
Bharat was standing there with hanuman who was holding a mountain
Bharat is sad
Kaushalya says – what happened, is everything fine
Bharat says – ma, he stops
Mandavi says – please tell
Bharat says – Lakshman has been fatally injured in the battle by a deadly arrow of indrajit, son of Ravan, he is lying unconscious in the battlefield and his life is in danger, he starts crying
Sumitra started crying.

Urmila rushed to Sumitra, says – no, mother, don’t be afraid your son’s heart is filled with Ram’s love, you have said so, so how will Ram allow any danger to befall him, he is perhaps sleeping peacefully in his lap, he will gain consciousness again, he is always safe, it would be Ram who would be suffering the pain and worry
Bharat says – yes, he is, he has gone mad with grief, he has surrendered his weapon and give up hope, he refuses to pick up weapon and fight
Urmila says – no, but he has to save Sita, he can’t lose hope, Lakshman will get up for his brother
Hanuman says – how you can be so calm when your husband is danger
She says – Ram is god for Lakshman so if god is with him, who can harm him
He says – I have to go before sunrise to give him buti
She says – don’t worry, till he will not get buti, sunrise will not happen
He says – how can you say this for sure
She smiles, says – when I was young, we use to go to satasang with father, from those teaching, we 4 sisters have learned to control our senses, my husband has gone to serve Ram for 14 years but waiting for his return, I never thought of anyone else other than my husband, with that satitva, I am saying, till he will not get buti, sun will not rise
He goes.
Lakshman survived from the buti brought by hanuman
Shatrughn says – he is fighting again with indrajit and my brother is safe because of your love, you saved my brother
Kaushalya says – you 4 sisters have suffered very much so we thank all of you.

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  1. Wow ? Aman I love ❤️ your ff but can u plz make it a little bit lengthy but u don’t have to make it big just make it a little longer becoz u always update the other part few hrs later so again hats ? off to you!??????

  2. Padmaja

    Really a amazing one bro… just the sisters hopes ke me to get amaze. They r soo courageous…. love ur ff

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