Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 37

Sumitra says – When did this happen
Bharat says – in the summer, but we got to know only now, my informants know that they are at panchavati, but they lost their trace when Ram Lakshman moved to jungles to search of Sita
Shatrughn says – should we not send our army to help Ram, if he is taking help from vanar army, it may add to his support
Bharat says – no, till he allows, if he needs, he will send a message but if he didn’t tell, there will be a reason, I think he has been exiled from Ayodhya for 14 years so taking help would be against the rule, we can’t do anything just wait and pray. He gets tensed.
Mandavi says – how did this happen
Urmila says – how can anyone kidnap Sita when Ram Lakshman are with her
Shrutakirti says – what is the reason

Bharat says – it is a long story, Sita catch a sight of golden deer and begged Ram to fetch it, the deer was marich, ravan ‘s uncle, Ram agreed to Sita’s wish and went to fetch asking Lakshman to stay back, Ram chased the deer and when he was not controllable, he shot an arrow, he died but before dying, he called for Sita and Lakshman in Ram’ s voice, Sita asked Lakshman to go and though he was not willing, he left to search him, so Ravan came an abducted her
Kaushalya says – but why did Lakshman left her alone

Bharat says – no, mother, Lakshman can never do that, it is the fate
Mandavi says – but, how did came to know that they are in the forest, he is the king of lanka but what was he doing in panchavati
Bharat says – for the past 13 years, Ram and Lakshman are killing the demons who were killing the rishis, one day Surnapakha, ravan’s sister saw Ram, fell in love with him and asked to marry him, when he rejected saying he is married, he turned to Lakshman
Urmila says – he rejected, I have full faith on him
Bharat says – yes, he rejected but she got angry and she thinks as a hurdle in her way and attempted to attack her and chopped off her nose Bharat says – Surnapakha ran to his brothers khar and dushan and they left with army but were killed by Ram so she went to Lanka so he took marich ‘s help and kidnapped Sita

Urmila says – if I would have stopped Sita , this wouldn’t have happen
Mandavi says – calm down, why are you feeling guilty, you are not responsible, it has to happen
Urmila says – as Lakshman used to cry when separated from Ram, similarly we 2 sisters are also inseparable since birth, how would be she now
Shrutakirti says – don’t worry, she is strong, none of us could have stopped her from going to the forest
Mandavi says – you know, once she makes her mind to do anything, no one can stop her
Kaikeyi says – I can’t say anything but everything will be fine

They returned back
Mandavi says – ma, do you know this
Kaikeyi says – I am not sure but everything will be fine

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  1. Aman it’s a very creative story that you are writing, interesting to show ayodhya and bharat in the vaanvas! Wish siya ke ram did this too… but… yeah soo…??? I like how you are updating the episodes close like we don’t have to wait for 2 days or something like other ffs! Hats ? off to u!!!?????????????????

  2. Padmaja

    Really a awesome epi bro… I loved it a lot…

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