Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 36

She touched their feet, they blessed her and ask about everyone
Urmila says – The conference was as grand as it used to be in their childhood but after so many years, it has a new meaning for me, till now, rishis and other scholars came and debated searching for the the truth expanding human mind but today I got the chance
She closes her eyes and dreams Lakshman saying – you will succeed
She opens her eyes and thanks him
At the conference, she sat between the scholars as a scholar with the famous scholars- Gargi, Ashtavakra, Yagvalky, Vashishth etc
Each time she debated with the rishis, she felt happy

She thinks – Lakshman always reassures and praises me for all my efforts, if he had been here, he would be dancing with joy
That evening when she touched her parents feet, Janak said – I knew, I dreamt for this day
She says – it’s all your blessings, I am happy I fulfilled your dream, I had nothing to do for 10 years except study and paint
Janak says – that credit goes to Lakshman, had he not gone on exile for 14 years, you would not be able to achieve what you want

She says – no, not at all, he would not have stopped but have encouraged me
Sunaina says – we know, he would encouraged you, he is the man who respected you, your qualities, loved you
She says – we both are firebrand, fire recognizes fire
Janak says – you think I did not notice that, but for both of you, your mature love brought up a serenity in both of you and we brought all 4 of you in a manner just as Lakshman did, you both are always together connected through heart, the day I saw Ram and Lakshman, they are destined for our daughters, students of Vashishth and vishwamitra means they are wise and great warriors
She says – I am glad about it
She leaves for Ayodhya next morning
Mandavi and Shrutakirti ask about everyone

3 years later
Urmila is painting the scene of her wedding, she held the brush and started filling the colors

She is painting another scene, this will be the place where Ram will meet his people
She is painting a scene of vanvas where 3are living and will return after 1 year
Shrutakirti saw Shatrughn coming in a disturbed mood
She asks her sisters to join her
Shatrughn says – please everyone, come to nandigram
They went there
Mandavi says – swami, is everything fine
Bharat says – no, I came to know from our spies that Sita has been kidnapped from panchvati
Urmila says – how could Sita face any danger when she is with Ram Lakshman
Shrutakirti says – yes, this can’t happen
Mandavi says – please tell clearly

Bharat says – both of them were not at the hut, they have gone to chase a deer when Ravan in disguise of brahmin took her to Lanka in pushpak viman, jatayu died in saving her but let Ram Lakshman know about her

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