Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 35

The two sisters were in thoughts all day and her dreams in the night are also in same condition. They wanted Lakshman and Bharat to be near them lying beside him to touch his face,to turn pillow towards him to look at him, smell him, feel him.
It was the 10 year of exile.
Today the sisters might be 27 and 26 and and their husbands would be 33,when they will return after 4 years, they would be 30 and 31 and their husbands would be 37,Urmila looked at herself carefully at the mirror, she was not a girl but a woman, Mandavi says – now we are woman looking herself at the mirror
Urmila says – these 10 years have been the longest for our life, the next four years will also pass
Mandavi says – you are right
Shrutakirti says – after 4 years everything will be fine
They see Shanta ‘s children playing and say play carefully
Shrutakirti gets emotional
Urmila says – what happened, Shrutakirti
Shrutakirti says – nothing
Mandavi says – no, tell
Shrutakirti says – after 4 years we can see our children
The sisters get emotional

Urmila says – we 3 sisters can’t have children as we are living a vanvasi life and can think about it after 4 years when exile get completed and our husbands will return but you also didn’t think to have children, you have suffered more as compared to us
Mandavi says – your sacrifice is bigger
Shrutakirti says – didi, how can swami and I think to have happy married life if our elders are in pain, we will think about it when all 4 pairs will have happy married life after 4 years
Mandavi says – you always speak, listen and advice good.
The sisters hug
Urmila received an invitation from her father Janak for the philosophical conference, he has requested her to attend it as a great scholar
Mandavi says – you have long been studying ved, etc under the guidance of rishi vashishth and other royal gurus who have acknowledged you as a great scholar, you have grown up from a student to a great scholar and have gained mastery over Ved, shastra, upnishad etc and can debate on religion and philosophy, that’s why he invited you, Lakshman wanted to become a great scholar, he will be very happy when he will return after 4 years
Shrutakirti says – bade pita ji, the most respected of all scholars have acknowledged you as a scholar
Urmila smiled. It will be an interesting debate.
Mandavi says – you are so happy
Urmila says – father has asked me to come to Mithila Shrutakirti says – it means a lot to you,we are happy you got the chance
She says – I am so happy
Mandavi says – yes, we are also happy , she takes her hand in her hand, I, Sita and Shrutakirti are happy that you have become a great scholar just like bade pita ji
Urmila says – I will go
Shrutakirti says – that’s nice
The sisters hug
Shrutakirti says – but I think one person who will be happiest person, who loves you madly and respects you and praise you for being a talented painter and great scholar,and that is Lakshman
Urmila says – it is because of his support, I am able to fulfill my dream, she looks at Lakshman ‘s portrait which she has just made, she touches his feet.
Urmila reaches Mithila, she saw her parents and is happy, they feel proud

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