Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 34

Shrutakirti says – do you intend to talk to her or should we keep quiet, it is her secret that she is hiding
Urmila says – but that needs to be opened, don’t you see, Shrutakirti
Shrutakirti nodds
Shrutakirti says – yes, but who will talk to her
Mandavi says – no, since I was at guilty for opening the letter, let me handle this, ma will answer when she will return
Few days later

Mandavi wondered how she will start the conversation, she entered kaikeyi ‘s chamber
She smiled but her smile disappeared when she saw the open letter
Kaikeyi says – it has been opened, who did that
Mandavi says – I did that, sorry for this
Kaikeyi says – but why, it’s ok, but please leave now
Mandavi says – Urmila, Shrutakirti, Shatrughn also know about this letter, we all have read it, sorry
Kaikeyi says – and Kaushalya and Sumitra
Mandavi says – not yet, we are not too sure, how they will react, but all should know it
Kaikeyi says – no
Mandavi says – but why, why you are hiding this terrible truth, why did you not let us know that you have planned and acted all the drama
Kaikeyi cried

Mandavi says – you knew her exile was pre-planned and yet you let it happen and it seems as if you have banished Ram for 14 years but you are just protecting him, you earned hate from everyone you are still bearing misfortune and yet you don’t want to reveal the truth
Kaikeyi says – the king would never let Ram go to the forest, he could not live without him, how could he have the courage to send Ram to dandak to kill the demons, it was the only way, I wouldn’t believe it either, you opened the letter but my father has the power to understand the words of birds so he told the prediction what he heard, Manthara was thinking she was helping me, I was play my own game but don’t let anyone know about this till the 3 returned after 14 years

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    Wow superb bro.. really it is a gud one… and waiting for next epi..

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