Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 33

The day has dawned pleasantly sunny and bright, streaming in the rays of happiness in the palace after a long time, it was Ram’s birthday and everything is well organized. All 3 mothers are delighted. Kaushalya has helped Shrutakirti at every step of preparation, each of the doors were decorated with marigolds. The doors of kitchen were open to serve the hungry.
Kaushalya was the lady of the show, from the smallest decision to the biggest decision, she saw to it that she had her say and assisting the two queens. While she was talking with Shrutakirti, she looked as if kaikeyi and sumitra have been ready or not.
Kaikeyi is uncomfortable to join the celebration but Kaushalya says – it is our son’s birthday today and we should not be sad.
Kaikeyi says – didi, I have tolerated my pain but I am not going to join it. I didn’t wanted to have meals together but I have done that, I don’t want to destroy the peace of house.
Kaushalya says – it is our son’s birthday and I am not angry at you, you have prepared the dishes
Kaikeyi says – no, it’s not possible , I can’t allow me to participate in the celebrations, it would be better if I stayed in the palace where I have thrown my son out of the palace and our husband died of that
Kaikeyi says – I killed your husband, exile your son, you lost both of them
Sumitra says – nothing, just a belief that your son and husband who loved you dearly but you can’t see it that time because of rage but you love them
Kaushalya says – yes, they have gone and we all are suffering these years but not in jealous or anger but I am feeling pity on you, you are suffering the most
Sumitra says – you got insecure to loose your position as a queen mother, that you did all this
They took her in celebrations and everything went well
Mandavi says – after a long time the 3 are so happy
Urmila says – They should stay happy always
Shrutakirti says – only that will happen
Shatrughn says – it is rain after long time

6 months later
Kaushalya says – you should visit kaikey, it will be nice
Sumitra says – yes, it will be nice
Kaushalya looked after every details during journey
Shatrughn says – should I accompany you
Kaikeyi says – no, putra, you all are needed here
While leaving, Kaushalya says – take care
Kaikeyi says – I don’t deserve your kindness but I am happy
Next day, a maid handed a letter to Mandavi
Shrutakirti says – what it could be
Mandavi says – from King Ashwapati to Kaikeyi
Urmila says – open it, it might be important
Mandavi says – but it’s private between a father and daughter
Shrutakirti says – but ma kaikeyi won’t be back soon, what if the letter has something important
Urmila says – how private it could be, open it didi, I am sure ma kaikeyi won’t be annoyed
Mandavi opens the letter, it was not long but by the time, Davi managed to read it, was shocked, moving towards her sisters
Urmila says – what is in the letter,what happen Davi
Wordlessly Mandavi handled the letter to her, she reads it and gave it to Shrutakirti
Shrutakirti says – how could this happen
Urmila says – what we should do not, should we tell the elders
Mandavi says – no, wait,I wish we haven’t open the letter, let me think
Urmila says – ma kaikeyi have hidden this all along Shrutakirti says – I think everyone in the family should know about this, we should not hide this any longer
Mandavi reads the letter to be sure she is not missing any detail
Mandavi says – it is not believable, I think we should not show this to everyone, especially Bharat, for now Shatrughn needs to know this
Urmila says – the queen mothers
Mandavi says – they also shouldn’t know, let me wait for ma kaikeyi to return

Precap – the sisters conversation

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