Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 32

fb is shown
don’t you have meals together,she asked Lakshman as the maid left the two plates together before them and went outside the chamber.
he says-we eat in our respecttive palaces just joking,i eat with family ,i like to have meal with you,but if you don’t eat together then to make us eat together will be your next agenda.
All are eating
Lakshman says-you are using the trick.
The food prepared by Sita was delicious.
Bharat says-bhabhi,the food is tasty.
Shatrughn says-bhabhi is a great cook,she knows everything from herbsto the different ways of seasoning and preparing the most elaborate dishes.
Fb ends.

the sisters decide to make the family eat together.
the next day,all of them were together
Kaushalya says-why did you call us here,what is the occasion
Mandavi says-the occasion is that we will start having our meals together,as we once did
Kaushalya says-we can’t recreate those days
Shrutakirti says-but we can’t cry forever,can we?should we?
Urmila says-have something ma,we have to stay healthy till everything gets fine,you have to welcome your sons and daughter in law after 14 years.
Mandavi says-lets eat,the meal won’t be as delicious as Sita’s meal
Sumitra says -yes didi,we are missing our family time,tomorrow i will prepare the potato curry
Kaikeyi smiles.

Shrutakirti says-ma,teach me your smoked brinjals,i tried it but failed it and swamistill pokes fun at me
Shatrughan says-but you have improved dear,they were less burnt last time.
Sumitra holds his ears and asks to say sorry
Shatrughan says-ma,please,leave
Sumitra says-no,say sorry
Shatrughan says-ok,sorry
Shrutakirti smiles.
Everyone laughs

Shrutakirti sayslets do it this evening and help me to prove him wrong
Kaikeyi agrees.
Kaushalya says-lets eat,we are back together eating,all smile
5 years later
Mandavi is embroidering a saree.
She asks-Urmila,Shrutakirti,where is she
She says-she is in kitchen with ma kaikeyi,tomorrow is Ram’s birthday,they are planning a grand feast
She says-yes,actually ,i was completely busy
she says-i have came here to tell this only,Shatrughn has got the palace decorated
Mandavi says-yes,we all want everything goes fine
Mandavi is getting ready,she dreams that Bharat has come to her to know which sari she is wearing.she smiles.

Precap-birthday celebrations.

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