Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 31

They returned to Ayodhya. Bharat places the sandals on the throne. Bharat says – sorry, like my brothers, Ram and Lakshman, I will live a life of hermit, today we talked about dharm, but I am not following Pati dharm, he gets sad.
Mandavi says – I am the daughter of Mithila and daughter in law of Ayodhya, We have been taught to stay courageous in difficult times.
Bharat says – I am at guilty.
Mandavi says – We had been taught to follow husband and help him, Sita did it by following Ram and Urmila did it by staying back and waiting for Lakshman, I will also wait for you.
Bharat says – I am sorry, please forgive me
Mandavi says – no swami, it’s not your fault, you are doing your duty and I am doing might mine
Bharat says – I am grateful to you, I will always be indebted to your sacrifice
Mandavi says – I will live a vanvasi life like you in the palace
Bharat says – please don’t cry otherwise I will also cry
Mandavi says – I promise, but promise, you will not
Bharat says – I promise
Bharat says – please take care of the mothers
Mandavi says – I will take care of them

Bharat meets the mothers and leaves for nandigram
Lakshman was guarding Ram and Sita at night when nidra devi appears before her
Lakshman says – I can’t recognize you, sorry
She says – I am nidra devi, godess of sleep, you have been awake since many days, it is against the nature, it may lead to your death, that’s why I have to come
He says – I know, it is not right but the purpose of my life is to serve my brother and sister in law, please help me
She says -there is a way, if anyone else will sleep on your behalf
Lakshman thinks – Sita has given a boon to her that she can do 3 works at the same point of time. He says – go to my wife, he will surely do this
She goes to her and tells her the situation
Urmila thinks – Sita has given me a boon that I can do 3 works at the same point of time, she agrees and sleeps for 14 years.
Urmila is painting, her brush moving rapidly but is missing her presence behind her, the sardonic raise of Lakshman ‘s eyebrows, she missed his voice who says – beautiful painting, just like you
She says – just being myself
She noticed the plate of food, she eats it. She says – noone in the family had almost not feeling to eat meals together were things in past

3 months later
Mandavi has been continously servings the mothers Shatrughn is the most occupied with the court matters but he made a point to meet the 3 mothers everyday
Shrutakirti helped in giving him good advice when needed
Urmila spent her morning studying ved and upnishads under the guidance of royal gurus, when free, she kept painting for hours beautiful paintings of their weddings and the scenes of 3 in vanvas, living her thoughts in colours.
She was painting their wedding scene, she finds her happy in filling colours of canvas and lining the figures with a firm, steady hand
She started at the the large silver plate, her meal, she takes it.
She reminds a situation in fb

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