Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 29

Sita says – it has been wonderful here, I actually love it, I don’t miss the palace, the beautiful feeling of walking barefoot on the soft soil
Mandavi says -you are brave.
Lakshman says – why are looking at me frightened, have I gone fearsome
Urmila says – frightened, no, but yes a little tensed you would be sad seeing me, sorry
Lakshman says – no, need to say sorry, I am the one who should be sorry and really I want to see you daily, I see you in my heart, I am happy you are here but do you think Ram bhaiya will return
She says – we can try

He says – I want to revolt, I always been the skeptical, kind, anyway consistently suspicious from force of habit
She says – yes, you tend to get angry when anyone hurts Ram
He says – is that your first impression on me, all I noticed for the first time was your beauty and happiness, you touched me with both
He says – but I think Ram will never break his promise
She says – even if ma kaikeyi pleads him
He says – no, is that why she is here, to apologize and should we just forgive and forget, Ram will forgive her, he is not upset or disappointed with the turn of events, he says this 14 years exile is a new chapter of his life destined to make him learn new lessons which he couldn’t haven’t done sitting in the palace as the king of Ayodhya
She says – and you

He says – please don’t ask me questions which I have no answers, I am happy you are here, that’s why I am grateful at the moment, I can’t believe my eyes at first, so let me look at you, gazed at her face, eyes, cheeks, lips
He says – you are amazingly beautiful, strong and wise, I am proud of you that I feel ashamed of myself, I am not worthy of you, I got to know everything from Bharat, Shatrughn and Ma, how you stood brave through the tragedy, you didn’t cried at father’s death to keep my promise, playing the role of dutiful daughter, administrator and peacemaker, what all did I made you suffer in such a short time
She says – why are you doing this to yourself, how you were to know what all befall in family after you left, you did your duty, I did mine so why this severe self ensure,you say – Ram is happy, Sita says – she has never been happier and it’s because of you, you have been their rock, protector, serving them selflessly, not minding your pain, we both are two body one soul
He says – I am so torn, this has been a mindless tragedy, the greatest injustice to all of us, my father already died, what more now, but I am so glad you came, I can’t stop thinking about you, sorry I can’t kept my promise, you are with me all the time, you are with me and I can’t express my happiness please one request don’t touch my feet, you are my soul, my heart, if you think to give me respect, it is your husband wish and you will follow it, I request
She smiled – ok,we are always with each other
Shatrughn says – everyone has called us in cottage. They went together.
Ram says – why are you neglecting your kingly duties and have came to the forest
Bharat says – you are taking about kingly duties, I am not king, I came here to request you to come back to Ayodhya and to resume your duties as the king, sit on the throne and rule the kingdom, this is what you were born for and this is your right
Precap – the conversation continues.

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