Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 28

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All of them are at their way to Chitrakoot. Guh gets the news of people coming from Ayodhya. He doubted Bharat. He thinks – he may be coming for the war. He tells his men to get ready, first we will be assured why they are here, if the situation is serious we will sacrifice our life for Ram.

Bharat meets Guh.He says – I knew where I dropped them, he saw him without any weapon. He shows them the grass on which the three sit to eat. Bharat started crying miserably and started cursing himself. He says – because of me, they are suffering. I will bring them back. Guh gives them the royal food and fruits to eat. He eats fruits. Guh thinks – I am sure, he has no evil intentions as he choosed fruits. He started crying. He says – I doubted you, forgive me, I thought you came to kill your brothers but you came to take them back. Bharat says – please don’t feel bad, you thought as his well wisher, kill me if you want, I deserve to be hated by everyone. Guh say – I love all of you equally, plz don’t say this, you are the epitome of sacrifice,even thousands of Ram can’t compare your sacrifice, have a safe journey.
Urmila saw Lakshman and felt a rush of emotions who was looking at the troop coming near.

Lakshman says – Ram, Bharat has came to kill us but I will not let this happen, I promise I will kill both mother and son so that you can take your rightful position, he leaves angrily.

He comes aiming an arrow at Bharat. He is shocked. Lakshman says – so you came here to kill us but time will tell and who will die. Bharat says – don’t you have faith, I am your brother. Lakshman says – faith, this word doesn’t suit you both, mother and son, you have given a nice return gift in name of faith, if you dare to move a step ahead I will kill you. Bharat says – I haven’t came to fight with you, how can I kill anyone, I myself have no desire to live, I am the one who is responsible for all the misery, let me ask forgiveness from everyone, then whatever you want, you can do, I will not say a word, if I will die, Ram will easily take the throne, he sees the three widow mothers and everyone, he is shocked.
All of them went to Ram Sita and started crying. Sita started crying as the three widow queens came Kaushalya rushed towards Ram and he held her hugging her close and cried in her arms.

Lakshman went to Sumitra and they cried as long as they can. Shatrughn also held them crying.

Vashishth says – Ram, as the eldest son, it is your duty to perform your father’s last rights at Mandakini. Bharat says – yes brother, this would have been our father ‘s last wish, he died with an image of you in his eyes, by doing so, his soul will finally rest in peace. The four brothers went to river and offered libations for the ddparted soul of their father. It was a strange, surreal sight, the four brothers and sisters were together again, all of them walked to the hut sorrowful.
The sisters went to Sita. They hugged crying. Sita says-my brave younger sisters, you are facing the problems, even if I tried, I would not be able to, I can never be as strong as you 3, plz teach me and give me some of the strength.
Urmila says – who is talking, the princess who is now sleeping on the hard floor on bed of grass

Mandavi says – one who walks miles barefooted and cooks food.
Sita says – I am talking about the inner strength which enables you to face the hardships, I am perfectly looked after by Ram, Lakshman doesn’t allow me to do any difficult work right from collecting firewood to cooking, I am happy here, I am asking about you 3.
Shrutakirti says – you are Sita, means the forrow, daughter of bhoomi and nature is making you glow, we are happy to see you
Sita says – Kirti, I am so happy with these small things, the forest seems to be my home and you are Shrutakirti, means whose fame is heard.
Urmila was with the sisters but her eyes were at Lakshman, it was like their initial days of romance, she had came here to see her, he signalled her to come near. She goes not noticed by the sisters.
Sita says – I have Ram beside me, she asks – where is Urmila
Mandavi says – she went to meet Lakshman, I noticed when they were looking at each other.

Lakshman says – how are you
Urmila says – I am fine but wanting the 14 years to end soon. He says – I know it is difficult, it is difficult for me also

Precap – the conversation continues.

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