Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 27

It was the time for Bharat to take up the reign of kingdom. The preparation for the coronation ceremony are done.
Kaushalya says – Bharat, the citizens and the ministers, gurus are waiting for you to sit on the throne, the kingdom cannot function without the king. Urmila was looking after the administrative affairs but now you have to take the responsibility.
Sumitra says – the throne and the Kingdom has been given up to you by your father and parents it is your duty to rule the land with full devotion.
Bharat stared at the royal preparation etc,says – I can’t wear this, I am not worthy of this, plz don’t request me to accept the throne, I don’t want this, please ma, queen kaikeyi has existed Ram, I am not the part of conspiracy, believe me, you are taking about the ministers and citizens who believe me the part of it, a ruthless brother who snatched his brother rights, who made his father die, I have to win their love and trust back, that will be done by bringing Ram back, he is the right person and heir to sit on the throne, keep the preparation ready, I will bring him back
All ministers agreed. Urmila says – Mandavi, Bharat has won over the ministers who were blaming him for this. Mandavi says – with his heart warming and repentant, he has proved his innocence.
Bharat says – Sumantra ji, hasten the preparation as we will leave tomorrow, I request you all to accompany me but queen kaikeyi will not go, he says angrily
Bharat says – Urmila, I hope you are not disappointed you anymore, I am the reason for your misery, I was never the part in the conspiracy
Urmila says -Bharat, did I ever give you that impression, I didn’t, plz don’t torture yourself with unnecessary guilt, you have nothing to do with conspiracy and the world will soon learn this. You are too pure hearted, how can you harm anyone

Bharat says – but you are harmed by my mother and I can’t forget or forgive that
She says – no, she has nothing to do with Lakshman ‘s decision, it was his own and I supported him
He says – she is not my mother, she didn’t told it directly but she is responsible as Lakshman is not with you, she knows he will never leave Ram, she would be happy as he was the first to stood against him, I can’t forgive her, I will bring them back, they are innocent, you will not be away from your husband or the mothers with their sons
Mandavi says – please don’t take me, I can’t face them, everyone is thinking that I inspired you for all this, but a request, take ma kaikeyi, she is repenting, only the fate is responsible for this
He says – to create more trouble, I can’t trust her anymore, how can I take her, she is the one who banished Ram
Mandavi says – take her, it is okay if anyone is repenting, if she will go, he will surely return
He agrees but then you three sisters will also go.
They agree.
Urmila says – I didn’t wanted to go, how will I face Lakshman, he will also cry, what if Ram doesn’t return
Mandavi says – hope the best, if you will not go, we will also not go, if you think it is another farewell, go there just to meet him, it will give you peace
Shrutakirti says – it will not break you, it might give you the courage to face the coming years of separation, 14 years is a long time
Mandavi says – why we should think something, we have no control over.
Shrutakirti says – take every chance to make it better
Mandavi says – will you not be happy meeting him, it will give you a hope, this meeting will be short but happier
The sisters hug.

Precap – They arrived at Chitrakoot.

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    Wow wow I loved dis epi… sisters dialogues was amazing… waiting for next epi..

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