Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 26

Sharp yell of pain made them turn around. Manthara is coming towards them, eyes filled with terror, coming fast. He fell at Bharat ‘s feet for mercy. Shatrughn was coming close
Bharat holds his arm as he was going to beat Manthara.
Bharat – you can’t beat a woman, it’s not right
Shatrughn – she is a fiend not a woman, she is the woman who destroyed our family our trusted maid for many years and she only has hatred for us, especially Ram, she encouraged ma kaikeyi for all this
Bharat – she is wrong but spare her now, if Ram comes to know you hit a woman, he will not forgive you
Shatrughn – if I could I could have killed her, my heart is at my sword

Bharat – no please, she is like a mother to us
Shatrughn – mother, does a mother feed her child with slow poison, did you trust her, it is she, who should be thrown out, do that or I will kill her
Bharat – no, i don’t trust her but please don’t do which hurts Ram
Kaikeyi – take pity on this old woman, where will she go in old age, she is like a mother to me
Bharat – oh, I remember like you use to feed Ram and thrown her
Shatrughn – throw her out, Ram killed Tadaka, she was a woman, she is a poison, she is mastermind in this Bharat – hide somewhere, but never come in front of us
She goes.

Bharat hugs kaushalya and Sumitra and asked for forgiveness. They consoled her.
Shanta-don’t cry, we have full faith on you
Bharat – didi, I am culprit I hurted every one, punish me as harsh as you can
Kaushalya – why I will punish you
Sumitra – it’s not your fault
Bharat – no ma, I can’t be forgiven, because of me my brothers are in exile, kill me, I can’t bear this
Kaushalya – don’t say this, already our two sons are away, now you, she cries
They hug

The sisters are in Mandavi ‘s room
Mandavi – what can we talk accept what happened Shrutakirti – It was so sudden, so terrifying
Urmila -Shrutakirti, our world collapsed
Shrutakirti – we should be each other’ s strength
They hug.
Dasharath last rights done, janak Sunaina and others came and console them.

Precap – Bharat refuses the throne.

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