Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 25

Bharat – wht have you done, how did you ever think that I will support in your evil plans, you banished Ram thk that I will accept his crown, his throne, you have made me a villian like you who is desperate of power, a brother who is traitor, who seizes his elder brother rights, you have made me a culprit, evil woman
Kaikeyi – you can say what you want, son but there was a plot against you to deprive you of your rights, I did it for you

Bharat – for me without asking me and what rights you talking about? the promise my father made to my grandfather?Why even my grandfather would not ask for it now knowing the changed situation, my father gave that promise when he was childless, after four of us born, it was Ram being the eldest who was heir apparent, even you accepted it all along so happily so what made you suddenly against us? Why? greed?

Kaikeyi – i came to the senses right time that’s why I asked for the boons but every one Inc me was thk that all is well but it is not, why was the coronation arranged when you were not here, isn’t it odd? ?
Every thing is hurried I was not told about this, why?

Bharat – you would have asked, father. He would have told you, he made a decision which was clear to all of us, as a wife how could you mistrust him , he must have regretted the day he met and married you, you betrayed him, broke his heart, made him spent his last days in misery, dying for his son how can I ever respect you, I hate you, you are not my mother

Mandavi – swami, plz don’t say these hard words to your mother, she is your mother, not an enemy, though what happened shouldn’t have , but had no intention to harm you

Bharat – she has harmed me, my name, character, reputation, ideals, she has made me a guilty of myself, how can I face the world, my brothers in exile, their wives, the 2 mothers, how can I see their pain, how could she send my two brothers in exile, I wish I would have followed him along with Lakshman, now no father will name his daughter Kaikeyi, he cries

Mandavi – please forgive her
Bharat – sorry, but I can’t
Mandavi – it is your love for your brothers that is making you say so
Kaushalya – please give your father last rights, done, I wish to die along with him
Urmila says – ma, plz don’t say this, if you want, let me die first, Lakshman asked me to take care of you and if you will die what face I will show her
Kaushalya and sisters cry and hug

Precap – Dasharath last rights done

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  1. wow aman bro,loved it but nexttime pls make it a little longer.plz dont take my request in a bad manner

  2. Padmaja

    Wow really a suprrb one bro.. it is emotional.. loved it.

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