Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 24

Dasharath blame him for all ths. Kaushalya consoles her. Urmila says – ma hw can you do ths, hs amb made you so blind, hw can you so prettily sit when your husband is dying, hw can you celebrate when your husband hs left food and water, but you can stop ths, plz get back Ram, save the king. Kaikeyi says – king is childish , did the queens send you to me. She says – why thy will send me, thy are themselves crying, I came here.
Kaikeyi – are you saying this to get Lakshman back?
She says – i am trying to avoid the tragedy, Lakshman went because he loves him. Bharat loves him and will never accept the throne, he will blame you for this
Manthara says – she is threatening you, kaikeyi, don’t believe her words, after all she is Lakshman wife, the man who first revolted against you

She says – I didn’t come to fight here, i am sorry, if I said wrong but can’t you believe ma, how can anyone harm you, do you fear that ma kaushalya will become queen mother, you don’t see she loves you both as her sisters, thk and manage to save the king. They heard a cry, King is dead
King is lying lifeless on floor, everyone is waiting for Bharat and Shatrughn, the news sent to kaikey
It has been a week Lakshman hs left for exile and she is busy serving kaushalya who is now herself ill
Shanta arrives. She says – why hs the palace being decorated
Sumatra – putri, to welcome Bharat
Shanta – wht but thr is a death in the family
Vashith – the kingdom is without king, but we will wait till all this gets over
Sumatra – it must matter of a day bharat would be returning with shatrughn
Kaikeyi – let us know whr bharat is right now
Every one is sad.

Vashith says – putri, look in the matters of royal court, you are a great scholar, we will let you know what all is happening
Shanta says – I never know things will become bad, how could ma kaikeyi throw Ram out of the house
Bharat Shatrughn, Mandavi Shrutakirti arrives. No one came to receive them. Shrutakirti asks – didi, why is everyone so quiet, Shatrughn also came.
Urmila – Mandavi didi and Bharat
Shrutakirti – they are with ma kaikeyi but why people are giving terrifying looks to both. Bharat Mandavi, thy were shouting for Ram, whr is he, Lakshman, Sita, why thy didn’t came to greet us
Urmila told every thing. Shrutakirti is shocked and Shatrughn got angry, it is all because of Manthara, I will not spare her, the sisters tried to stop him but he walked away. Mandavi comes and hugs her crying says – come, see
They went to kaikeyi palace. Bharat is lying on floor crying
Shrutakirti – what happened to him
Mandavi – get up, she helps him in getting up
Bharat – you are a murderer, not my mother, I am ashamed to call you mother, I have to bear this all my life

Precap – he gets angry.

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