Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 23

Since four days king haven’t eaten anything and his health is getting devastated. Manthara was with Kaikeyi who was forbidden to enter the chamber and are busy preparing for Bharat ‘s coronation. Manthara says – queen kaikeyi has called you to see the arrangements of the coronation
Urmila says – I have to look after king’ s medication every hour, so please tell ma that I will not be able to assist in any of her preparations, Ma Kaushalya is also not well, so I have to look after her

Manthara says – you arrogant woman, you still dare to talk to me in your high and mighty tone, who are you, you 3 women are living at the mercy of kaikeyi, you will have to obey her, your husband left you for his brother for 14 years whom you are so proud of, he is fetching roots or pressing the feet of his tired brother
She says – I don’t want to discuss my personal life with maids like you, I am not ma kaikeyi who foolishly believes you and keep your spy every where, if you can, you can’t break this family

Manthara face turned white, she said – did you forget what happened with you last time. A fb is shown when Lakshman threw her out of room, this time I will do that, I am not Sita, Mandavi, Shrutakirti who will leave you easily, I am Lakshman ‘s wife and as Lakshman is not Ram, Bharat or Shatrughn who will bear your unbearable words, do you think you are very clever, I know your intentions, you tried but can’t separate the brothers and sisters, you have caused your own harm, I know when Bharat will return, he will throw you out and hate his mother, it was you who influenced ashwapati to seek promise

She says – yes, I but when he can’t get a son, he married Sumitra but she too can’t give her a son, but she was so dumb who kept serving the other queens and asked his sons to serve their elder brothers, but it was always Kaushalya, who got the most preference, being chief queen, but that battle, I sent Kaikeyi to get his attention, but when Ram was born, things changed, Kaushalya being mother started getting his attention back, even Kaikeyi loved Ram, forgetting Bharat but I got the chance and did what I want, she moves away angrily
Sumitra says – call Shanta

Precap – Dasharath blames himself.

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