Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 22

She says – it’s my duty to touch your feet, he says – ok, if you want, you can, she touches his feet and he blesses her. He says – your place is not at my feet but in my heart. She smiles.
Kaushalya gives some goods and eatables for their journey, Sita saw the bow and arrow
Sita – why do we need these, we are going as an ascetic not a worrior, why do we accept violence and tools of violence
Ram – agree but duty of a khastriya is to protect the helpless and rishis in the forest, these weapons will help us against the insane violence of demons

Crowd-don’t go fast, we want to catch a last glimpse of our beloved prince
Ram – I am going to the forest with Sita and Lakshman to do what my father has ordered, for me, my father’s word are most important, so please do not stop me, I know know the great love you have for me and I will be happy and grateful if you have the same love and respect for my brother, Bharat from now on, he will be your king as appointed by my father, he is younger but has all qualities – good, wise, kind, brave, strong and will always protect you, plz give the same blessing to my unhappy old father and my mother
Ram req Sumantra to start the journey.
Many people ran after the chariot

Dasharath has collapsed as he saw Ram going, Kaikeyi rushed to help him, he says – don’t touch me, from this moment I disown you, take me away from her palace, Kaushalya, whr are you
Kaushalya rushed to him. He says – take me to your room, let me die thr, I know I will die without Ram
He woke up several hours later and says – whr is Ram, whr are you Kaushalya, I can’t see you
She says – he has gone blind, what more to bear, how can I console him when I can’t console myself
Sumitra says – why are you crying, don’t cry, he will be the king, if not now, then later on but going to the forest and loving as a hermit, he has done what no prince can ever do, this makes him an explanatory son, Lakshman saw it in him and decided to follow his footsteps

The king continued gaining consciousness and loosing it
He says – how I fell in love with that wicked Kaikeyi Precap – king haven’t eaten anything since four days

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