Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 21

Urmila – don’t discuss about me with Lakshman, don’t do anything that would remind him of me , this is my request to you and Ram
Sita – don’t make me feel so ashamed, I would never even bear to look at myself, my exile is a simple task as compared to what you are doing, not only you are separated from your husband for 14 years but you want your husband not to think about you in 14 years, I bow to your exile which is even harder in the palace than to mine in the forest, give me your strength, the sisters hugged it each other as they were going to be separated for first time in 16 years.

She says – take care, Sita, don’t believe anyone by appearance, be with Ram – Lakshman.
Sita agrees and says – take care, we will meet after 14 years.
Dasharath says – get the rath ready and take them to the borders and make them return,Sumantra,take horses, men, money ready

Kaikeyi says – so you think Ram will return and you want to give a bankrupt kingdom to my son without any army, is it a picnic
Ram says – I am leaving my father, mothers, sister in law under in Ayodhya, be kind to them

Kaushalya does the arti for thr safe return and says – is my heart made of stone that I am alive for this day
They touched her feet, Dasharath feet, kaikeyi feet, sumitra feet and other elders
Sumitra says – Lakshman, I am always proud of you but today I can’t look higher, it was not your duty but your love which you made your dharm, look after Ram – Sita as a child, god bless you for this strength and same praise for your wife who supported you in this painful decision, she gave the arti to her as it was her turn to do the arti
He says – take care

She smiled and says you also and return safe
He says – I shall be with you, my strength and passion and yes smile that wonderful smile of yours which makes my world and make me fall in love with you every time I see you, I want to take with me but not without temper, she gave an angry smile and they laughed

She says – Return as a worrior as you are going on a war, she does tilak and bends down to touch his feet
He says – don’t do that, I am not worthy of it, he turns to everyone – Though I followed duty of a loyal brother, I failed as a good husband who is leaving his wife for 14 years,
Urmila, Lakshman will always feel shame and guilty and gratitude, my heart knows, what silent pain and unseen tears you have in your heart, your brave smile, I am grateful to you, I can see your divine sacrifice, I am going but leaving my heart, my soul here, he says – you wanted to become a great scholar, now do that and keep painting the beautiful paintings.

Precap – they left.

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    so so so so nice.

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