Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 20

Lakshman says – you must be thk why I need to go if Ram is with Sita and he can take care of her, I am not asked to go to exile , you must be thk how can I ask you to make it easier if it ws me to take the decision of joining them, I have not thought of you and my brother is considered first, yet I am asking you for the impossible work, why I left you for 14 years here in palace when Bharat, Mandavi, Shatrughn, Shrutakirti are there to look after the old parents. She says – no, I am not angry, go
Sumitra – come everyone to kaikeyi palace, I know it is difficult, we should have the strength
The king was lying on the bed weak, he was crying
Kaikeyi stand strong and beautiful
Ram, Lakshman have changed their dresses as hermit, but both still looking young and handsome. Ram was troubled but trying to pacify his father. Dasharath says – don’t go,you are not in a way to be obliged to the thoughtless pledge I made to my scheming wife, that undeserving mother you love and respect .
Kaikeyi – that’s some fine advice coming from the just king and father who would be unfair to his one son. What rights are you talking about that Ram will throw you and me in the prison in Bharat ‘s absence, what bravery and courage coming from this royal house of raghuvansh
Lakshman – don’t talk about decency, mother, it is our decency that allows you to speak and do what you can, you know Ram will never go against father’ s wishes, yet you are sending him on exile, this is cowardice and wickedness and you will pay for it the moment you step out of the palace

Kaikeyi – how dare you but I see you are following your brother and I can see Sita, but Sita why you are still in royal dress, you should wear what your husband and brother in law is wearing
The elder queens are shocked. Urmila said – not that change of dress would make any difference to her. She would still be Ram’s queen in the forest, what difference it will make what she wears in the forest whr we live in the comforts of palace, mother, a palace where a mother separated an old father, a husband from his wife irrespective of what she wears, she will be with her husband suffering the discomfort with a smile, just like a brother will do. mother, that’s undenying loyalty, the strength of supreme love Ram has Sita and Lakshman with him in the forest, what we have in the palace with all the comforts just lonely women and who do you have, your faithful maid Manthara, Ram intervened – I have have no desire for any throne or power for any argument, I will take my leave and I need father’s blessings. Urmila, Sita is getting ready, plz help her. She snatched the forest garments from Manthara ‘s hand. Sita say – how do I put them, none of us know. Ram smiled and showed him how to wear it. Both the sisters get dressed in vanavasi clothes. Sita says – I wanted Lakshman to stay back
She says – it doesn’t matter now, it would not have helped anyway,just like your going with Ram, no one can change Lakshman ‘s mind, both of us know that they are inseparable, it is the best, at least I won’t be worrying you. Both will take care.
Sita say, says – And you, what about you,of course Mandavi and Shrutakirti will be here.
She says – stop worrying, I have everyone here. Sita says – except Lakshman, that’s what is troubling me, I can’t stop Lakshman or have you with us, you can try to hide but I know what you are feeling, but think Lakshman takes this harsh decision because he believes in you more than himself,you are his strength, I am elder but wanted to touch your feet for your courage, As Lakshman is for Ram, you are for me, He wouldn’t have left the palace but it was you who gave him the courage.

Precap – the sisters talk.

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    loved it…. so emotional and lovely episode… keep up the great work

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