Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 19

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Ram says – you have to take care of the everyone in the family. You and Sita should stay here.
Sita – The great follower of dharm, as a wife let me follow my dharm to you, I have to be there where my husband is, I have the right to share your love, happiness and unhappiness, duties and misfortunes I have to share everything with you, a wife is first and foremost companion of the husband, always loving, supporting and guiding him, so there is no room for discussion here, don’t say I am a princess and for me, my world is luxury, the forest will be my luxury now, I am your wife and I should go wherever you will go, you can’t deny
Urmila thk – the two persons I loved the most have made there mind to follow Ram and no discussion needed.
Urmila goes to her room and gets sad. Lakshman says -hate me for the pain I am going to give you or forgive me if you can, I know I made you sad.
She thk-his sight is so special for him, so precious soon will be rare for next 14 years.
She says – I love you, go
He says – yes I have to go but can’t see you sad, Urmila, I love you, I can feel how you feel my heart, my body, my soul. You are in me, that’s what I shall have when I am without you for next 14 years.

She says – then,why can’t you take me with you
He says – I am going as their bodyguard, if you will be with me, I will worry about your safety, I can’t concentrate on their safety, Ram is taking Sita with him because he knows he can protect her but I am going to protect them so how will I look after you and most important you are safer here in palace, the forest is not a safe place place, I am not just talking about the physical hardships I know you can suffer that gladly, the dandaka is now full of demons murdering the rishi or disturbing the penance and you know how dangerous it can be, don’t you remember how they entered Mithila in form of Sita and fooled everyone, I can’t see you in danger I love you
She says – go, I do not stop you
He says – you won’t be alone, Mandavi and Shrutakirti will soon be here, everything is here, you are a strong woman, plz look after the broken family, you are my strength and weakness, I know it is difficult for you to live without me for 14 years, it is difficult for me also but make it easier for me
Lakshman says – Love is close to hate, it doesn’t take much time to turn love into hate, you can hate me for hurting you, I left you for 14 years for something and someone else.
She says – no, I can’t hate you, you go, I will be here to take care of family living a vanavasi life like you, promise me, you will never remember me in these 14 years
He says – I can’t thank you in words, I promise but then you have to promise you will never cry in these 14 years, otherwise I will also remember you and cry
She says – I promise
He says – world may not see your pain and tear but Lakshman will always respect you, I will be indebted to your sacrifice
Sita says – Even thousands of Sita can’t compare your sacrifice, I give you a boon that you can do three works at the same point of time.

Precap – They went to the forest.

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    Wow really a superb Epi bro.. I loved lakshmilla covo and the ya 1000 s of Sita can’t be equal to urmila..

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    enjoyed the episode…. the books dialouges have been vastly improved by you aman bro

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