Hey guys read this which i found in an article. Its great confusion whether sita’s sisters were incarnation or not. May be many of you know it.

After sita’death rajmatas died. After this after some years when the sons of sisters grow up the sisters decide to die. Urmila was the first to die as she was the incarnation of ksheer sagar. Ksheer sagar is the ocean in which lord vishnu nd laxmi lives. Shesnag rest on sheersagar. Without sheer sagar sheshnag cannot be stable and sheshnag was the divine form of laxman. Therefore they get married in human form. Urmila goes first and take jal samadhi ti gain her original form and waits for sheshnag. When laxman gets his sheshnag form he rest on sagar and then ram in form of vishnu came. The question that where sita i.e. laxmi stays for that period I think as laxmi is kniwn for her unstability and she can’ t live at one place for much time.
Mandavi is said to be the incarnation of chakra’s tej means power.
Shrutkirti is the sound or nad of shankh.

Well there are many prespectives and thoughts which result in ramayan called as a mythology.

Whatever be incarnation mystery which wiĺl soon be revealed, the karma of sita’s sister were great and will remain a divine soul.
They may not be sung as the main characters but they are the unsung heroines of ramayana.

Please comment whether you agree or not.
Bro it is almost same as yours on sisters death so plz comment your view. Donot forget

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    Superb. I dont know these info’s thank u for sharing.

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    Thank u for sharing this info.. and ya it Ia said that sitas sisters are incarnation.. love ur dp…

  4. It’s an unknown chapter of Ramayana which you have opened before me …Ioved it…Di , I wanted to know ,from where did u get this information

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