Sitara 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajguru’s evil plan for Sitara

Sitara 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sitara walks towards Rani Sa to give her the special garland but Rajguru stops her. Ratan asks him if Sitara made a mistake. Rajguru calls her a big mistake. I cannot allow her to be present in the puja. Netha is happy that Rajguru shower Sitara her pace today. She will atleast stay in her limit now! Sitara starts walking backwards.

The pillar behind Rajguru starts shaking. Nethra takes the plate from Sitara. Kuldeep nods reassuringly at his daughter. He walks out from there with Sitara.

Vrinda remarks that their energies have started to show their effect. Surili nods. The energy which was stopping us has backed down.

Rajguru asks everyone to come for the puja.

Vrinda says I can sense the footsteps of that prince (viraj). Their game will be up once the pillar falls over him!

They start chanting as they direct their powers towards the pillar.

Viraj is about to lift the diya when his father asks him to first bring his sword. It will be needed in the puja. Viraj goes. Rajguru asks Ratan to start the puja till the time Viraj is back. Ratan nods and steps forward. Samrat tells Aryan not to go to Chanda till the time Viraj is back. Aryan agrees.

Everyone starts with closed eyes as Ratan starts the puja. Sitara decides to pay her respects to Mata Rani once. She turns around and notices the pillar falling. She starts running towards Ratan. Kuldeep is walking away unaware of what’s happening.

Vrinda and her sisters manage to make the pillar fall.

Rani Sa shouts after her husband. Everyone opens their eyes and see Sitara holding the pillar. Viraj supports her.

Vrinda says the countdown of their doom has begun from now. Viraj and Kuldeep push the pillar aside. Viraj asks his father if he is fine. Rani Sa thanks Sitara for saving her husband’s life. Samrat’s parents also thank Sitara. Ratan tells Sitara he is forever obliged to her now. I cannot take your Baba’s place but I will do every duty as a father. I assure you I will look after you from now onwards. No harm will come your way. Sitara calls it her duty. Rajguru wonders what Ratan did just now. Ratan proposes that Sitara has the first right to do the aarti today. Rajguru gives in against his wish.

Surili says there would have been so much commotion in the palace after what we did. Albeli seconds her. Why is there so much silence after this drama?

Sitara is doing aarti. Aryan turns to go but his mother does not let her leave. Ma has messed our plan. Sitara prays for Chanda’s well being.

Chanda gains conscious. She recalls what was done to her.

Nethra is told to hand over the aarti thaal to Sitara. Nethra complies. Sitara offers aarti to everyone. Viraj does not really know how to take aarti so she does it for him. She offers him Prasad but Nethra takes him away. He comes back to accept the Prasad and then goes with Nethra. Sitara smiles. Rani Sa tells Sitara to pack the laddoos and keep in the car. We will distribute it in the village. Sitara agrees.

Rajguru looks at the pillar suspiciously. It is so big. How did it fall so easily? There are blue marks on it. He realises that Vrinda and her sisters are responsible for it.

Vrinda is angry. Who can manage to fight with me? Her sisters too are confused about the same. It is impossible for such a strong attack to go in vain. They go quiet seeing Rajguru there. Vrinda is sure he has come here for some reason as today is an ordinary day. She taunts him for being honest yet lying to a Vishkanya. It dint do any good though. A lie cannot be hidden for too long! I have found out your truth after so many days! I have finally found out that my daughter is alive! You thought you will separate a mother and daughter? A mother can recognize her daughter with closed eyes! She has come here herself. We had a way to find out her truth. She shows the magical mirror to him on which she has Sitara’s handprint. I realised the truth when I kept my hand over hers. I understood this fact that she is around me. I used to feel something strange, something familiar whenever she used to come before me. I ignored my motherly love and believed you earlier but I let truth come out in front of me finally! Would you like to see your lie and my truth? Would you like to meet my daughter? Surili gives her Sitara’s anklet which Vrinda adorns on Sitara’s mirror image. She is more powerful than us. I am only waiting for the day she can hear her mother calling out to her. No one will be able to save this family the day she meets me. Not even God will be able to save you! Albeli asks Rajguru why he went to quiet. Chabeeli asks him why he looks so scared. Rajguru replies that she will only be left with this mirror image of her daughter as her daughter wont come to her ever! I will finish her! I will make her our captive and send her away from here. You wont be able to do anything!

Precap: Vrinda warns Rajguru of the consequences in case her daughter is hurt. He tells her that it is going to happen very soon. You will be doomed! Some guys attack Sitara in the night.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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