Sitara 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Viraj saves Sitara

Sitara 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sitara is looking for Chanda in the palace when she hears a girl calling for help. She recognizes it to be Chanda’s voice and goes outside looking for her. She finds Chanda’s earring outside south gate. Sitara starts walking in one direction.

Vrinda remarks that I don’t know why I feel as if this girl is going to fall in some trouble. She is our key to freedom. We wont be able to get out ever if anything happens to her. Her sisters agree.

Rajguru looks at the photo. I only need one proof to find out the truth. He recognizes the mark on the woman in the photo. It is made by the people of Kalbelia sect.

Vrinda uses her powers and the earth shakes suddenly. Rajguru feels strange vibrations. Something is surely wrong. South gate? He picks up his stick.

Vrinda has created a

blue fog around Sitara. She will be safe till the time she is surrounded by this blue fog. No one will be able to harm her.

Rajguru notices the blue fog and decides to stop it. He uses his power to clear it away. Sitara goes in another direction by the time the way clears.

Vrinda is irked with Rajguru. We have to save this girl at any cost and bring her back in the palace.

Sitara is following the voice. It is indeed Chanda’s voice but where is she? She comes near the well (Kalibaori). She finds Chanda’s bangle near the well. It means she is somewhere around. She feels someone’s presence and looks back. She sees a lady with blue eyes and steps back in shock. She falls into a box as she hits her leg on a giant rock. The lady locks it quickly. Samrat and Aryan come out of their hiding place. Aryan compliments Samrat’s plan. The lady hands over the key to Samrat and leaves. Sitara is shouting for help. Samrat tells her to shout as much as she wants. Your voice wont come out of this box. Let’s take her to her friend. We will tackle them together. They see a guy there. Samrat winks at him. The guy shouts that Vishkanya has been caught!

Vishkanya’s wonder if their well-wisher is fine or not. What if something happenes to her? Vrinda disregards the idea. We have to find out where she is and if she is safe or not. Surili comes with an idea.

Villagers thank Samrat for catching the Vishkanya. Hand her over to us now. We will take care of her. Samrat allows them. Sitara shouts for help as the guys take the box away. Aryan and Samrat smirk seeing their plan work.

Sitara keeps hitting at the floor of the box but she seems to be losing strength.

Surili lights fire. We will use her ankle to find out about her whereabouts. Her sisters are puzzled. Surili shares that she will put this anklet in the fire. If it gets burnt then it means she is no more. If not then she is still alive.

Villagers dig the ground as a Baba chants some mantras. Samrat and Aryan laugh seeing the drama. I told you that our secret will remain intact. These villagers are foolish. They only see what we want them to see. Aryan agrees. They will now think Vishkanya’s are no more. We will make use of it. Sitara is losing strength to fight. She passes out as the box is lowered in the ground. Baba keeps a scorpion over the box. It is way stronger than Vishkanya. It will slowly finish her if they are buried together. They are about to let go of the box but Viraj holds the rope just in time. Samrat and Aryan look panicked. Villagers tell Viraj to let go of the box. Vishkanya is inside. Viraj asks them to pull it out. Baba tells him not to mess with their beliefs. Samrat’s guy tries to stop Viraj but he pushes him aside. Viraj tells Baba he will take care of him later. They all pull the box upon his askance. The scorpion runs away. Villagers request him to listen to them. Vishkanya is inside. Viraj tells them not to be superstitious. Some people are taking advantage of your fear and you are letting them do it! Samrat and Aryan leave quietly from there. Viraj opens the box and is shocked to see Sitara. She steps out of the box but is feeling dizzy. He lifts her in his arms and heads to his car. Baba looks on from far. Villagers realise what they were about to do.

Vishkanya’s are relieved to find out that Sitara is safe. We can still hope for freedom.

Viraj is driving while Sitara is still unconscious. The car breaks down in the middle of the jungle. He fails in fixing it. We wont find any help here. He tries waking Sitara but in vain. She opens her eyes and what had happened flashes in her mind as well as her dream. She hugs him out of fear. It was just like in my dream. Viraj tells her she is fine. She mumbles about her dream. He calms her down. Nothing happened. She cannot believe that her dream came true. He tells her to look around. She asks him to take her home asap. He tells her that the car broke down. She suggests walking. We will seek help on the way. He agrees. Sitara thanks him for saving her. He tells her to thank God. I saw villagers taking the box and simply followed them. How did you get into this? She tells him everything. He asks about the woman. She replies that she does not know. I was only concerned about Chanda. Her jewellery was scattered till Kalibaori so I followed the clues. She shows them Chanda’s jewellery.

Samrat, Aryan and few of their men bring Chanda to a secluded place. Samrat tells her no one can save her from him now. We abducted so many girls before you. Villagers thought it was done by Vishkanya’s. Aryan says seems like she wants to say something. Samrat agrees to fulfil her last wish. She begs them to let her go. Aryan takes out a knife.

Viraj suggests going near Kalibaori to check again.

Chanda begs them to leave her. Aryan agrees. We too cannot see you in pain.

Sitara and Viraj reach near the well. They hear a loud scream.

Precap: Samrat is strangling Chanda as Aryan holds her feet. Sitara and Viraj reach someplace and look on in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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