Sitara 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Roka ceremony celebrations in the royal palace

Sitara 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is gathered in the living room. Rajguru shares that Roka can happen tomorrow. Nethra’s father is concerned about the preps but Ratan agrees to arrange everything. Just get ready to bid adieu to our DIL. Nethra’s father agrees. Viraj’s mother blesses the couple. Nethra notices Sitara and asks Viraj’s mother to hand over the money to the servant (Sitara). Viraj corrects her that she is their Minister’s daughter. Nethra pretends to be forgetful. Viraj’s mother feeds sweets to Sitara. Viraj and Nethra’s alliance has been fixed. Sitara is pleased. She congratulates the couple. Viraj’s mother tells her to be with Nethra after tomorrow. Be with her and make sure you assist her in whatever she needs. Sitara nods. Nethra smiles. Sitara goes. Samrat congratulates Nethra and her parents.


night, Viraj’s mother tells her husband she is really happy that their son is getting married. It seems as if we sent him to Germany yesterday only for further studies. Time just flew too quickly! She notices him lost in his phone and takes it. You will keep looking at your phone entire night and complain about eye pain in the morning. He asks her what happened. She is upset that he does not pay heed to his wife or to her words. He pacifies her with his sweet talks. She ends up smiling. We have to do a lot tomorrow. Sleep now. He makes her sit down. Every day is a good day when spent with you. Every night is a good night. She tells him to stop. I am convinced that you pay heed to me and my words completely. They are interrupted by a knock on their door. Rajguru and Kuldeep greet Ratan. He goes with them.

Ratan tells Rajguru that tomorrow is a very big day. There will be eclipse. We cannot take any risk tomorrow. Be a little more cautious towards south gate. Rajguru tells him they have a plan already. Kuldeep will be with you while I will do havan to keep the bad energies away. Ratan nods.

Next morning, entire palace is decorated for the Roka ceremony. Choti Rani is looking after the preps personally. Nethra’s mother is mesmerised to see the preps. Once this wedding happens, this palace will be mine!

Kuldeep has made preps for the havan. Rajguru says Vishkanya’s will be stronger today due to the eclipse. They will try to stop the celebrations. I will do yagya here and you should be on your guard outside. Kuldeep nods and goes. Rajguru remarks that he will have to be extra careful today. Their poison should not come inside the palace at all! He sits down for the havan.

Vrinda opens her eyes in shock. She is still playing with the anklet. Other Vishkanya’s ask her about the new shield. What will we do now? Vrinda replies that no one can do any harm till the time they make efforts diligently. No one can stop us from achieving our mission today! They hear the sounds of festivities and decide to make the day all the more special for the royal family.

Rajguru starts chanting some mantras. The Vishkanya’s are affected by it and hold their ears in pain. Vrinda tells them they will have to bear this pain. She extends her hands towards them. They all join their hands together. Our love for each other will lessen our pain and fulfil our every wish. Their energies lower the fire of havan. Rajguru is shocked to witness it. Vishkanya’s are also trying to stop me. I wont let it happen! He starts chanting loudly.

Vishnkanya’s aim their energies at the gate in front of them.

Everyone looks on as Ratan and his wife make an entrance. Kuldeep nods reassuringly at Ratan. Ratan and his wife hug Nethra’s parents. Guests come in too. Samrat and his friend are eyeing all the girls.

Viraj and Nethra come in the end. Sitara thinks they spent so much money on the flowers that are being showered on the couple. This amount was enough to bring ration for our village for a month!

Vrinda and her allies manage to open the first door.

The pots kept around the havan start blasting one by one. Rajguru looks at them in shock. It means that they have managed to open the door! There will only be destruction if that happens!

Vrinda congratulates everyone. Our doors to happiness are open and royal family will be doomed soon! It’s been 20 years but today we are just one step away from our destination today! Seems like the happiness of entire royal family will burn into ashes in Rajguru’s havankund!

Precap: Sitara and Viraj dance together at the function. Vrinda walks out of the doors.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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