Sita sisters incarnations

Pragya sis, I read your article, yes sita sisters were incarnations
Acc there are many prospect regarding Inc of brothers and sisters
Acc to valmiki Ramayan
All 4 brothers are parts of vishnu
Other version
Lakshman as sheshnag, bharat as shankh, shatrughn as chakra
In some versions
Lakshman- sheshnag,shatrughn – shankh, bharat – chakra
In vaishnav literature
Lakshman – sheshnag, bharat-chakra, shatrughn – gada
In 1 article I read
Chakra of vishnu lakshmi – shatrughn – shrutakirti Shankh of vishnu lakshmi – bharat – mandavi
Gada of vishnu lakshmi – lakshman – urmila

All sanskrit retelling don’t mention about divinity of sisters of sita, the death of sisters is not mentioned in Gita press valmiki ramayan, some say, they died due to old age acc to valmiki Ramayan,some say they took samadhi in sleep acc to valmiki Ramayan, also joy bro told, nowadays, there are many versions of valmiki ramayan
In some articles (as shown in Devon ke dev mahadev) , it is said when lakshmi came out of milk ocean, she holds a conch and 2 lotus flowers which incarnated as sita sisters
So, there are various versions, it is up to us, how we want to relate to the epic
Sheshnag wife is nagalakshmi (it may be she lives in form of milk ocean along with sheshnag)
same about shankh and chakra
Anyways, int information
But sis, I want to ask if all 3 sisters mandavi urmila shrutakirti also tookjal samadhi
And what is the order of their death means who died earlier, then who died later, who died latest –
Urmila died, Mandavi died, Shrutakirti died
And where did mandavi and shrutakirti go as you said they were tej and nad of chakra and shankh so whey live without chakra and shankh
Anyways I think, the 3 sisters resided in vaikunth
But, plz tell, from where you got the info, give me link

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    Great research and info bro….I am everytime amazed by your knowledge and curiosity……
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    Thank u sooooo much for d info bro… Wenever I open dis site, I feel lyk as if dis is an history buk?… Luv it!

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