When laxman tells sita has abandoned her
Sitas words
You feel ram has abandoned his sita Don’t you? She asked gently But he has not she stated confidently
He cannot he is god he abandoned no one and I am his goddess I cannot be abandoned
Ram is dependable but I am independent he needs to do his duty, follow rules and safeguard reputation.
I am not under any obligation ,I love him and will always love him whether he clings to me rescues me or abandons me
A jungle is preferable to such an intolerant society

Laxman realized ram was not like jamadagni who killed renuka. Ram was bound by culture
Sita continues u judge him laxman but I love him u see you’re brother as ur ideal but I see my husband for what he is and I understand him and he knows I will support him no matter what go back to ayodha
Know that the man who calls himself the husband of sita will never remarry
And rams word to sita before she goes back to earth will be posted tomorrow
Just tried my hand at something new which is not a analysis
Hope u like it

My humble request pls don’t comment against RAM anything to improve my writing would be welcome

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. Awesome sis…..wrote very well

  2. Super sanjana!very nice analysis!u are matured enough in dis age very proud of u!

  3. Supreetha (Soups)

    All I can say is Jai Siya Ram 🙂 Nice Sanju

  4. nice sanjana di 🙂

  5. Its awesome Sanjana…..n I m eagerly waiting for your next article….

  6. Is this from that book Sita by devdutt pattanaik??

  7. Yes , Sita is Devi /Goddess and always supported her Ram. For them physical separation is not separation , they were divine incarnation and united in true sense . They were two but actually one.
    After coming back from 14 years of Vanvas /exile & becoming Raja – due to Rajdhram of Raghukul after 6 six months or so -Ram was forced to abandon Sita . Guru Vaishit would advice Ram that he must follow Rajdhram , because it is above swadhram etc .Therefore , Ram reluctantly asked Lakshman to drop near Valmiki ashram. Lakshman was shocked and it was natural. Because Devi Sita was not only bhabhi for him. He respected both Ram & Sita as father & mother and served them diligently during the whole period of 13-14 years exile .So for a son , it was a big challenge , Lakshman obeyed his brother’s order but he was in tear as he knew that his Bhabhi-ma was symbol of purity and he knew it was injustice towards her . Lakshman ‘s wife and Sita’s sister Urmila also opposed Ram’s decision and rebuked Lakshman for following Ram’s order. So what could a Son & brother do ? Sita pacified him and accepted Ram’s decision. This is a and was patriarchal society- where women suffer.
    But Sita was God incarnate so she took the decision gracefully and stayed in Sage Valmiki’s ashram and raised her sons. On the other hand , Ram lived a life of Vanvashi – slept on the floor even living in Rajbhavan and devoted his life for praja/janta-kalyan .Lord Ram never remarried. At the time Ashwamegd Yagna , Guru Vaishit asked to remarry as presence of wife was must in Yagna. But Ram made Sita’s statue showing the Ayodha that even though He had to abandon Sita due to Rajdharma, he himself never had doubt about his beloved wife Sita’s Chastity & purity. That was perfect understanding & love between Ram & Sita

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