Sita navami is the birth date of mata sita.which falls one month after rama navami.about sita maa birth there are many versions like she is the daughter of ravanan-mandodhari,and due to astrologers saying that the daughter of ravana-mandodhari pair will be a cause for ravana death.this leads to throw the born baby in to the sea by ravana.and sea mata handover the baby to bhoomi mata.
due to the drought in mithalai the rajrishi janak and his people plough the land in one fine morning.while ploughing the land they heard a baby cry and they digged the soil and they saw a miracle.

A Born bady with beautiful lotus eyes and with charming face in the hands of bhoomi mata.raja rishi took that baby in his hands and realising that the baby was a boon to him which is given by god and he named her in various names .
They are, sita-means the land which raja rishi janak ploughed is called as seethlam.,janaki-the daughter of janak,vaitheki,bhoomija-though she was the daughter of bhoomi mata,mythali-the birth place was mithali.
Both raja rishi janak and his queen sunnena brought up sita as their own child.there after they have adaughter called urmila-sita’s cute sister.and janak brother king kushdawaj and his queen chandrabagha had two daughters mandavi&shturutkirti.he four daughters were brought up in mithila land with knowledge and wisdom.
The four step into their married life in Ayodha.

Sita-ram marriage life
Though sita entered her in-law place with much dreams.her life was changed by mata kaikayei boons .When ram was ready to go to vanvas she also accompanied him by telling that it is a duty of the wife to follow husband’s foothpath as a better half with lraving all the luxuries in the palace .eventhough she lead a happy life in vanvas with her love ram.
Destiny played.
The destiny changes everything.sita who left everything for ram has not asked anything from ram asked a golden deer(marrichan) from him .there the fate plays a game.and after that we all know the ravan kidnapping sita by seeing her beauty and surpanakai incident.
Ideal women – in the asoka vanam when hanuman asked sita to sit on his shoulder.she refused it because she want her husband to win the ravana and she only want to accompany with ram.
Sita love towards ram cannot be described in words.

After winning in the battle they returned to ayodha as a king and queen.
But now also fate plays once again in the form of dhobi.due to dhobi speech when ram was in dilemma sita understood his dilemma and she left ram and went to van at that time she was pregrant.she parted away from ram only by distance not from soul.After giving birth to twins luv and kush she raised them up in a well-manner being a single mother.
After when the time comes she handover her sons to ram and went to her mata-bhoomi mata to end her incarnation as sita.

The incarnation of mahalakshmi as sita in the human form play a good daugther ,good wife,good mother,good daughter in law. so as a women we should also try to follow the foothsteps of sita mata in our life.

Credit to: suji

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  1. Beautiful suji …. keep posting ffs

  2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Beautiful suji di kip it up.. Di sita is d Sanskrit word for furrow that’s why sita Mata is called so..hw hr name is vaitheki? Hr name is vaidehi na..

    1. Thanks vanshika di for info but i read in kamba ramyanam the land is called as seethala nilam(land).so she is called as sita

  3. Supreetha (Soups)

    Nice Suji dear!!! Keep writing:D

  4. Bala Krithika

    raavan did not have any interest on sita during swayamvar then why did he forced mata sita to marry him? anyone answer me guys?

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