sisters forever season 2 (Preface 2 by ragini )


thanq so much guy’s here we go another preface by ragini πŸ˜‰
Ragini’s POV : all doesn’t end here every story has an end sometimes it’s complete sometimes incomplete end some stories
have an happily ever after while some have just well an ending! our story i don’t know what it has in store but yea definitely
it would be a happily forever one . All misunderstandings got cleared that day i wish it would have happened a bit earlier
but then DESTINY!
lets have flashback all are happy ut hugs sanlak and then she goes infront of swaragini holding ears as they take her into an
embrace. sid comes to ragini :so kya iss tute huye dil ka kuch ho sakta hai miss mathur??
ragini : sorry par filhal toh mere paas.. actually hai dosti ka offer hai usse jodna pasand karoge apne iss tute huye dil ko??
sid : offer bura nahi hai
rags : so what are you waiting for ? just hug me you donkey!
as they hug laksh comes with swara saying :what’s with you sisters and the animals dude one calls me monkey the other calls
sid donkey were you guys like born inzoo??
roshni : yes born and brought up in zoo hence we can sense people’s brain capacity and recognize the animals staying in disguise
of humans especially the monkey and donkey one’s like you
tammy : ohh god ! was that necessary rosh??

swaragini in unison: ROSH!!
tammy : well it’s a long story all thanks to j! you sisters could have those talks later i’ll get the car come fast we
need to reach mm.
As they leave for the car sanskar comes forward and stops ragini .
rags : yess ??
sanskar : i know i can’t aavoid the situation or else it would turn worse but then i leave it
on you this time tell me what do you want ?
ragini smiles : how about we take some time this time rather then getting excited! how about we live the moment turn friends
first and then if destiny wants lovers??
sanskar forwards his hands : ragini mathur mujhse dosti karogi??
rags smiles : ek sharth par !
sanskar : yess ?
rags : it’s and unending list mera dost banna is not that easy sanskar maheshwari !
sanskar : really lets see then what that list has in it??
rags : no.1. you’ll have to obey all my orders and do whatever i say !
sanskar : done!
rags : no.2 . not that you’re any good at it like your younger sibling but still you won’t even try to flirt with girls
atleast not when i’m around!
sanskar smirks : done! hey wait what does that i’m not good at flirting meant??
rags : well it’s just your so cute and handsome and humble that girls fall for you as for oneliners and cheesy lines
your really bad at it sanskar !
sanky : fine !

rags : no.3. the most important one whenever i’m sad or upset or happy or anything ..
sanskar : i’ll give you a chocolate !
rags stares at him as he smirks : comeon ragini this chocolate thing is in your bloodline from roshni to jiyu you girls
really have a chocolate tooth don’t you!
rags chuckles : so mr. maheshwari knows the mathur sisters really well haan!
sanky : yea i guess hey wait i thought we were to start from friendship right then what was this girlfriend demands for??
rags : i told you i’m a girl with high demands sanskar maheshwari i don’t make friends just like that…
sanskar had a hearty laugh as ragini winked at him .
flashback ends .. so thes five years were really something ! my final year exams and then finally i passed with distinction
i work in our family business jai bhai has opened a new firm here which i look after as the head engineer now . in these five
years me and sanskar seemed to have really grown even more close this time it was him who proposed me …
Flashback ..
ragini’s been tied with a ribbon around her eyes as a hand holds hers they come in and he whispers “Now…”
The ribbon tie loosens and slips down as she opens her eyes to find everything dark just one spotlight falling on her
from the top the video starts ” well i’m not that really romantic like my brother or you but tried something for the
first time so try not t be harsh !” the large screen shows all their moments from childhood together her fights with him
their first romantic date pics their goa pics as he speaks ” life with you has always been wonderfull and without you it
was just so not lively you came into my life as a light of hope happiness fun and ADVENTURE of course
” the clip shows her balcony pics where she’s standing and smiling at sanskar (sanskar’s balcony adventure i hope you remember
that πŸ˜‰ ) ” i know life with you won’t be easy and normal but what’s the use of a peaceful life if there’s no you in it !”
he kneels down grabbing a velvet box from his jacket as it opens ” will you marry me miss.ragini mathur and be with this
phattu of your’s forever??”
ragini smiles nodding through her tears as she murmurs ” yes i would lve to..”
the lights turn on and everyone claps as sanskar makes her wear the ring …..
flashback ends : so guys are you excited ?? because i’m damn nervous happy excited .. gosh i’m i being a bit too much !!
anyways i’m finally happy that every things getting perfect now i’m getting married to my love of life along with my sister
swara !! jiyu seems to be the most hapiest person that girl not left a stone unturned especially when we four that’s me sanskar
laksh and swara went to talk with our elders regarding our marriage her partner in crime could tell it to you guy’s more

Precap : Swara’s POV : laksh : too much of dosti dushmani miss mathur i can’t take this anymore I LOVE YOU ! would you like to be my girlfriend ??
swara : well santa claus ! after that kiss you really think i would say a no?? I LOVE YOU MONKEY!
swalak hug : wait a sec ! laksh looks at her confused.

Credit to: nidhi

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