Sisters Forever season 2 (Preface 1 by Jiya )


Jiya’s POV : five years passed and they say i’m still the same i mean y should i change, time might change people but you see
i’m a unique piece made by him. In these five years alot has happened you guy’s might be excited and having many questions
in your mind firstly did rags dii and sanky unite ??? did swalak finally officially express their I LOVE YOU’S to each other??
rosh dii and tammy well how did the maheshwari’s react when they met their long lost son? ut and sid had a happily ever after
but what about mrs dutta?? and lastly what about me and did i get a boyfriend in these five years???
well i would love to begin from the last question first !

me miss jiya mathur still single pringle, errr!! i’m not so old to get committed !
nextly misses dutta lets have a flashback please..
ut nervously keeps her hand on the door bell : you think she’ll agree??
sid smiles : just give it a try once and before that i need to say her a big thanq not that what she’s done can be payed by
a thanq but then i need to
ardhna : so i heard you guy’s reconciled
ut’s about to say when aradhna shows her a hand : well .. then y are you here now! and now that your revenge is no more what’s the
use of this stranger isn’t it ??
sid : ma’am we are sorry if we hurt you but..

aradhna : no buts and if’s av.. i’m sorry uttara your free to go ..
ut’s literally at the verge of crying when aradhya laughs and then there’s someone else too. it’s jiya with sara who’s giggling
at ut’s dismay.
aru : i lost the bet you idiot ! she hits ut’s head lightly and hugs her
j : ut very bad! aunty lost the bet because of you.
sid : what bet ??
j : aunty said that uttara wouldn’t cry when she would be angry on her for misunderstanding you and most of all deciding
to shift to US but then she did infact if aunty would have kept the suspense for some more time sara would have seen how her
mommy cribs on tiny little things !
j sticks out her tongue teasing ut who makes a face and hits her : you monkey!! you almost gave us a emotional attack !!
sid : woah !! us no no it was only you who was nervous .
ut : hawww! party changed ? don’t forget you have to spend the rest of your life with me not jiyu!
sid : no problem saali is like aadhi gharwali!
j : hello mister who saali?? we are not sisters!

ut : yess we are best friends . and this relationship tag won’t change !
sheena who’s standing there makes a sad puppy face : now what about me then i had just one best friend and i lost her tooo..
she’s about to cry when jiya interrupts : ohh sheens baby no ganga and jamuna’s here please who said that one can have only one
best friend !
sheena side hugs her : i knew it you won’t ever forget me!!
all laugh at their cute dosti .
fb ends so guy’s cute wasn’t it now our uttara thakral along with her husband sidhanth thakral her daughter sara and her
muh boli mom that’s aradhna aunty have been settled in US as sid’s parents stay there and they have their hospital over
there it’s sid’s dad’s hospital who’s a renowned surgeon overseas but yea not bfore the wedding well utsid and rosh tammy’s
wedding wonder what happened at the maheshwari’s??
flashback : tanmay goes infront of dp while all are shocked to know that tanmay thakral is tanmay durgaprasad maheshwari
adarsh’s 3 min younger twin! ap hugs him with tears in her eye’s : i missed you beta so much !
tanmay smiles trying to hold his tears rosh smiles and turns to leave when he holds her hand dp caresses tammys face and hugs him

dp : the day we heard about the accident i was the one most guilty we searched for you everywhere your uncle aunty didn’t
even let us attend the funeral my child they told us .. you were dead..
tanmay’s still holding rosh’s hand : now that its all over sid is thinking to go back to US along with uttara so..
ap : so nothing you are staying with us now my son i can’t loose you again please don’t ..
tanmay : maa i’m not going anywhere i will stay with you only nw forever if papa has no ..
dp : why will i have any problems let the bygones be bygone’s my child the past should never come up again . annapurna
tell the servants to prepare for the dinner and ram ask shekhar where thay have reached . after a long time our family is
complete now i don’t want anystone to be unturned and yea ap do preparations our naathin is coming to her home for the first

time !
Flashback ends so i know it was a bit undigestable to see the durgaprasad maheshwari forgive his children so easily but then
to move urther you need to forget and forgive first right and time changes people not always does it make the good bad
but sometimes it does turn the bad habits of people into good ones !
For your ragsan and swalak guy’s they did reconcile but the whole lot what happened could only be better expressed by them
right i don’t always err! never prevade any couple’s privaccy well!

Precap : Ragini’s POV : sanskar : i know i can’t aavoid the situation or else it would turn worse but then i leave it
on you this time tell me what do you want ?
ragini smiles : how about we take some time this time rather then getting excited how about we live the moment turn friends
first and then if destiny wants lovers??
sanskar forwards his hands : ragini mathur mujhse dosti karogi??

Credit to: nidhi

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