Sisters Forever (Episode 8) (ragsan love confession)


sisters foreever
recap : maheshwari’s intro ragsan kiss. proposal but y breakup??? 🙁
plot : fb it’s morning and sanky is walking on the corridors with priya a classmate suddenly he receives a text. it’s from
rags ” come to the lab it’s urgent ”
sanky tries calling her the ring goes but she doesn’t pick ! he’s more afraid now
priya : anyproblem??
sanky : rags called me to the lab i guess something’s wrong!
priya : then ghonchu what are you waiting for run!!
sanky literally races to lab and in a rush slips and falls. someone is laughing ohh it’s rags
rags : i’m sorry sanky (still laughing)but you luk so (trying to control) cutee
and she just can’t
sanky gives her a luk

rags : okk sorry sorry (gives him her hand he takes it and instead of getting up he pulls her down insstead)
rags : sans!! she falls on him they share an eyelock aww!!!(so adorable sangini!!)
priya enters just then as iff crossed a milestone
priya : this is what you guys call each other for falling fall game one or the other has to fall but today both hatsoff
they get up and compose each other
rags : actually so…
priya : yea first call like you’re stuck in an hurricane and then say sorry !! what if mr.phattu woud have got an attack you know
na how sensitive he’s about you !
rags and priya both start laughing. sanky who was listening to all of it realized that suddenly the aim’s on him

sanky : you both it’s your milibhagat na!!
priya : angry man before you say anything just listen to what your ragini has got to say
and just then lucky swara ayana aryan omi rj rd all enter the lab priya slides back to them
and the lights go off just one at the center where there’s a setup the cloth on it falls and a mechanical setup (the sadda haq one
who have watched the sandhir proposal it’s something like that)
rags : so mr.phattu life is so beautiful but yet so strange sometimes (she has a ball in her hand she puts it in the system it

goes down through a tube like shape) we meet so many people as strangers but one stranger amongst all doesn’t remain stranger he
becomes our life!(the big ball goes and touches a small box it opens and few more small balls move out of it and go through the tunnel)
sparks happen when we meet emotions change into a turmoil of mixed feelings and love happens (the balls touch another tunnel a button
is pressed slighly a balloon from the back of the tunnel flows up a red balloon written “i love you phattu” and a ring comes
up from the tunnel )
sanky is so mesmerized he doesn’t realize that rags is on her knees her hairs flowing through the wind making her luk more adorable
and beautiful!
rags : well i heard usually boys are the one who propose but when love is equal from both sides i guess nothing matters who

asked first so mr.sanskar maheshwari will you give your heart your heart to me forever ?
sanky is just well overwhelmed but he suddenly makes a serious face and says : NO!
rrags and others become worried rags is about to cry
sanky sits on his knees holds her face in his hands lovingly : how can i give you something thats already with you !
a wide smile spreads on her face so does on the others present there!
sanky kisses on her forehead : so miss rags u’re phattu is always urs i love you
they hug so beautifull seeing them it feels like amazing
alll clap they separate
all come and hug them congratulate them
fb ends lucky : bhai!!

sanky closes the diary in a hurry and hides it under the pillow
sanky : what ???
lucky : bhai that bubblegum is giving me head ache since morning i want to meet her!(makes faces)
sanky : now ! lucky it’s night and that we met them just an hour or two ago!
lucky makes a please bhai come na face : bhai ??
sanky : fine ! but how i mean maa won’t let us go now
lucky : sneaking bhai ! no fear when lucky’s hear
sanlak come out of the room and slowly go down to kitchen
sanky : it feels as if u know more uses of kitchen then maa and others doo
lucky grins they sneak out through the kitchen window and drive to mathur’s place

Precap : swalak run into each other an eyelock . rags is in the kitchen trying to get the box of chocolates she falls
sanky holds in time but the noise wakens up sumi she comes in their direction but someone pulls them on time. j’s in rags room
when she see’s the diary fallen she picks it up but is shocked and surprised to see a pic.

so people excited for the ucoming epi’s ?? i know this one’s short and late too but soo sorry for that and yea get ready for the
next extra long mahaepi of the ff

hope you like it please do comment your views and suggestions and keep reading 😉

Credit to: nidhi

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