Sisters Forever (Episode 7)

begining with a sorry everyone i was down with cold so couldn’t post two days. hope you like my today’s.
let’s have a short recap
recap: lucky and j’s prank on sanky. the dinner.
maheshwari mansion : A women is shown standing at the mansion’s door worried. just then a man comes down the stairs of the mansion
dp: ap don’t worry shekhar called and said that they have left from there
(durgaprasad maheshwari from swaragini. he’s strict and the eldest of the maheshwari’s. husband of annapurna and father of adarsh,laksh
and vivek. a bussinessman by profession he own’s the maheshwari group of industries with his younger brother ramprasad maheshwari. Shekhar
is his businesspartner and family friend )
the women turns around

ap : you don’t know ji! nowadays the weather and people are not nice even sanskar didn’t call till now!
(annapurna durgaprasad maheshwari from swaragini. mother of adarsh,laksh and vivek a kind hearted women loves her family and
kids a lot she’s a housewife.)
just then adarsh and parineeta come with a toddler. it’s diya their 11mnths old daughter. ap gets happy seeing her
ap : so what did the doctor say ?(she takes diya in her arms and kisses her on her forehead diya gives her a cute smile)
adarsh : nothing maa it was just a slight cold shes okk now
(adarsh durgaprasad maheshwari : eldest son of the maheshwari’s. he works in th maheshwari group of industries. he has a wife
parineeta and diya a 11mnth old daughter. he loves his brothers and saves them from dp most of the time. he’s silent and as
per his name a adarsh son of the family.
parineeta adarsh maheshwari : wife of adarsh and mother to shreya she’s a businesswomen by profession she owns a chain of garments shop
but for now she’s at home to luk after diya.)
ramprasad maheshwari – younger brother of dp. his wife sujatha died in an accident. sanskar, uttara are his kids
he owns the maheshwari grp of industries with his brother. painting is his hobby.
uttara ramprasad maheshwari – the only girl in the family hence pampered the most. died 2years ago

suicide or murdered is yet not known.she loved painting and was an aspiring doctor.
vivek durgaprasad maheshwari – the youngest of all the kids studies abroad and stays with jaideep.he’s 18 yrs old
an worried ap walks near the door here and there just then someone keeps hands on her eyes
ap : laksh ! how much late are you both today ! where’s your brother ?
sanky comes just then holding his ears : sorry maa(sujatha died when he was just 8and uttara 5 from then ap is everything to them they call her maa)
ap has a warm smile as if she’s relieved to see both of her sons .

laksh to copies him and holds his ears. just then ramprasad comes downstairs.
rp : boys only holding years won’t work you’ll have to do situps too
sanlak luk at each other and then start doing situps. everyone laugh
rp : luk diya your chachu’s are getting punishment

ap : okk now enough go change and next time don’t be late !
sanlak race to the room .
mathur mansion ragini’s room:
ragini is luking at her scrapbook it has all her and sanky’s pics everywhere. “selfies together; at the cafe; at goa ..
flashback 2 years ago :it’s a college trip
at night ragini is standing near th bridge just then someone keeps a hand on her shoulder; a wide smile spreads on her

face it’s sanky. she forwards her hand towards him as if asking him to give her something
sanky makes a puppy face asking forgives : sorry
ragini gets angry and removes his hand from her shoulder and turns her face
sanky : goes to her face side : ragini ! whats my fault in it it’s goa and it’s late night finding chocolates here
is as if finding mineral water in a wine shop!
ragini gives him a very bad joke luk.
sanky : okk fine fine sorry and he removes something from his coat pocket.her wide smile returns back
ragini takes the chocolate and turns aside . she starts opening it as if a child.
sanskar is as if hello you forgot someone.
sanky smiles seeing her innocence. ragini slowly finishes the whole chocolate and sanky is just luking at her thus the blowing
wind is making her hairs tossle but it doesn’t get her distracted from her chocolate mesmerized by her beauty sanky doesn’t realize that she’s
saying to him something. she waves her hand infront of his face and he’s distracted
ragini : you wanted sorry i finished it mr’phattu :p and she throws the wrapper at him.
sanskar realizes what she’s doing but before he could catch her she starts running he follows her and holds her hand and turns
her towards him. They don’t realize how close they are their eyes meet the wind is blowing slowly making rags hair come on her face

sanky slowly with his hand makes it aside they are soo close that they can hear their hearts beating faster. they are so lost
in each other they slowly go more closer to each other just as their hearts met their lips get closer they KISS… a deep one
sanky holds her face and she’s holding his hairs a long kiss a forever one …..
fb ends :
swara calls rags and she closees her scrapbook and goes in a hurry. the pages toss due to wind and the book suddenly falls down
open at a page
maheshwari mansion :sanky’s romm
sanskar comes out of washroom wiping his face wid a towel. He goes towards his cupboard and searches for something to wear
before he could close his eyes go on a diary inside . he takes it with him.
sanky is on his bed with the diary he opens it and his face has a smile the diary was a gift to him from lucky and uttara
on his tenth birthday it could seen by the cover how small u t and lucky hav decorated the diarry cover with cute stickers in and out and
the first page has their whole family photo when they wer young it has his mother’s photo too. he carresed her face in the photo
and turned the pages further it had the trio sanlak and ut, then ut’s birthday pic , vivek and lucky fighting pic, school pics,

college pics, turning of the pages leads him to a pic and there’s a blush on his face it’s him and rags first meet in the junior
college of rags although they knew each other from childhood they never spoke to each other as such it’s only when he met in
rags college that they spoke. it was a seminar related to business and sanky was one of the volunteers. our rags the nerdy

beauty was the head of the college so it was a official meet and talk but a first one for them. then they met next time with their families together
in a party this time they talked too it was sanky who approahed her first with a drink(juice) the approach let to talks slowly
chats and then after 12th when rags was officially a college student their togetherness was the talk of the town as i said
in earlier epi’s sanky who never even talked to girls in his college had started making friendship with them this was a surprise
to everyone even his family. He beccame more social more happening and the couple finally became one well any guesses who proposed
the page turned to a pic with a tagline officially a couple now, the pic showed the couple with a setup then
their friend greeting them

flashback : sanky is walking on the corridoor with priya a classmate suddenly he gets a text from rags
“sanskar come to the lab fast it’s urgent!”

Precap : ragsan proposal. swalak love hate relationship.

please everyone do comment on the epi and suggest your views hope you like it
keep reading 😉

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