Sisters Forever (Episode 6) (the dinner )

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Recap : J finds everyone’s behaviour weird sanky and sid confront each other. ragsan moment.omg dinner tonight!!
sanky and jiya are in sanky’s car he’s driving
j : so mr.sanky how was u’re official trip with dp uncle lucky toh came so early from there what were u doing cleaning the
meeting room ? :p
sanky knows that she’s angry on him for going to that trip and coming bak late. but what could he do adarsh bhai had requested
him to stay as lucky wasn’t well he’s never serious for business infact for anything.
j : what don’t give me lucky’s excuse you know i’m smaller than you but i’m giving you an advice sanky learn to trust

adarsh bhai and you won’t trust lucky then would never learn too i mean he doesn’t even know to express he’s feelings
all because of you !
sanky stops the car : what ! feelings swara but what did i do
j : you only did everything if ypu go to business trips he comes if you well flirting you don’t do that but if you had proposed
rags dii then he too would have done it mr.idiot !
sanskar’s pov ” how should i tell you that what u’re expecting is never gonna happen i love her but never ever will that happen

champ i wish i could just tell you the reason but then i don’t want to lose that innocence that smile on your face that
love of yours for all but then a love that took my sisters life my life can never come back inmy life again!’
j : you know sanky i’m thinking to learn psychology mindreadin type of something
sanky (out of tranceand amused): why so??
j : i mean you rags dii are always lost in your thoughts do is sound sso boring that you enjoy your brains company instead!
sanky : okk devi maa jiyana ! say what
j : what ??
sanky : miss j (he points outside the window towards the icecream parlour )chocolate or strawberry?
j : is that something to ask chocolate and then strawberry
he smiles at her and parks the car at the side. the scene then shifts to a garden jiya with her chocolate icecream and
sanky too.
sanky : j !

j: hmm
sanky : luk there (he point’s towards an uncle with a dog)
j gets so happy she squels “PRUNO!!”
The dog who was playing with a disk runs towards them sanky and jiya both play with the dog.
at mathur mansion :
swaragini enter the house and are shocked to see someone
swaragini (unison): chachu!! (dv opens his arms for his daughters and they go and hug him tight )
rosh who enters the house is happy to see him but the angry at the sametime
rosh : papa not fair ! you were gonna come tomorrow na ?
dv : dekh lo bhai i mean my swaru and ragu are so happy to see me and you both. i thought to give a surprise and now i’ll get
a lecture it seems
shekhar : whhat wrong she’s saying dv we would hav come to take you at the airport at the evening it’s so hard to get a cab here
astha togives him a luk : now don’t luk at me bhai’sa is saying correct only
sumi : what uhh guys now stop scolding my broother go dv change j texted me that she’ll be here by 8 :30 with sanky
then we’ll hav dinner together
astha has a smile on her face rosh and swaragini seem to be tensed at the word dinner. dv leaves to change

meanwhile j and sanky are at the park with pruno sanky and the uncle have a hearty laugh while jiya makes puppy face.
sanky (teasingly): uncle don’t you think it’s difficult to distingush who’s pruno and who’s j!
j : he he he very funny pruno bad doggy u ate my icecream very bad and yea pruno’s my friend and friends share their things
and icecreams because we love each other don’t we pruno
pruno nods in a no and all start laughing
j shows fake anger and pruno licks her face as if saying sorry and they smile
sanky : chotu it’s 8 and we r late !
sanky and j say bye to uncle and pruno and they leave suddenly jiya stops
sanky : now what ?
she point’s towards group of girls who are i suppose gossiping and says ” dare time sanskar maheshwari”
sanky : no j! i’m..
j : y mr.maheshwari are afraid of girls oh noo i never thought u’re a darpok that means rags dii was saying right yesterday
sanky : what was she saying?
j : that u’re a PHATTU !
Sanky :tell me what to do??

j : propose !
sanky : they are so many !
j : stupid anyone of u’re choice with style on u’re knees
sanky gives her a luk
j : fine phattu sanky i’m ..
sanky: no wait ! this is first and last time and yea on a condition that you won’t call me phattu again!
j : okk !( she grins)
sanky goes towards the girls j too follows him but stands at a distance
sanky : excuse me (well there are so many girls that i guess our sanky is confused whom to propose.he luks in j’s direction
who’s giving him a i don’t know reaction just then lucky arrives there seeing sanky’s car outside he pats jiya from behind
she shows him towards the direction of sanky)
a girl comes forward and says: yes
sanky : actually i just you know…
the girl gives hima confused look

sanky : i.. was… just. uh know pro…. (he closes his eyes”j! comeon sanky u aren’t a phattu”) i love miss red top (she’s
wearing red top) love at first sight !
and there’s a silence ..
the girl : he really isn’t a phattu lucky!! (she winks at j)sanky boy don’t worry i won’t slap you
it’s then that he luks behind and sees lucky and j giving a hiifii to each other. he realises it all to be a prank
and shakes his head
he says sorry to them and leaves
lucky : bhai u’ren’t a phattu anymore proved and he starts laughing
j : actualyy i jj just wanted (teasingly)thank god they were lucky’s friends otherwise if it were to someother girl
then god only knows what would have happened
sanky (angry): guys what was this lucky !
lucky : bhai it was our millibhagat (together planned) a prank bhai don’t get serious please
sanky laughs and they three have a group hug
snaky : come lets go or today our entry will be banned at mathur mansion!
lucky : bhai me too
sanky : what about u’re car !
lucky : that stupid rd wanted to go on a date and his car is at the garage so..
j : yea yea the great friend lucky
sanky smiles and they drive to mathur’s
mathur mansion :at the dining table
astha : this girl na never ever listens to me jijii see she’s still not home it’s all u’re fault dv !
dv : astha what’s fault in it ! and yea don’t scold jiyu she’s grown up now trust her dear
astha : it’s not about trust it’s about being responsible it’s 8:30 and she’s still out of the house

rosh and swaragini come to the dining table
rosh : mumma they’re on the way sanky said lucky’s with them too
shekhar : yea don’t scold my princess she’ll come astha and y’re you worrying sanky is with her so don’t take tension
sumi : see they came also
j : badepapa!!
she hugs him dv gives a luk as if hello it’s me who’s back not him
jiya : ohh dad hii
everyone laugh sanky and lucky come in too
dv : dekh lo everyone meri to koi izzat hi nahi hai (gives a sad luk)
j goes to him and sits on his lap : ohho papa what’s the difference if it’s badepapa or you you both are same
forme na just like badimaa and mumma.
dv kisses her on forehead all smile
jiya to sanky and lucky : what you guys need an invitation to sit come fast i’m hungry
lucky goes and sits next to swara : hi miss chewinggum
swara luks at him : ohh little star you (she shows him tongue )
jiya instead of sitting next to rags leaves the chair vacant and sits next to lucky.
sanky who has no other option sits next to her they smile as they know it was purposefully done by j!
the dinner begins astha makes sumi sit and serves everyone she goes to kitchen to bring something
j : well sanky andlucky before you begin the dinner i’m sorry
sanlak look at her
others know the reason just then astha enters

astha : arrey you guys didn’t even star comeon fast eat everything and then you need to have the special sweet dish
prepared by chef astha mathur
everyone look at her surprised
rosh (as if shocked): u didn’t make the dinner?
astha : ohh bacha i know you would be sad but i had an assignment(work) to fullfill so i couldn’t but sweet dish is your favourite
one gajar ka halwa
j gets up from her place and hugs her ” ohh mumm thanq so much (astha confused gives her a luk jiya realises and says)
for the halwa i love you
now sanlak know the reason for the sorry

everyone has the dinner and as usual our non stop talking machine miss jiya never goes off
the dinner’s done and it’s time for the sweet but wait guess their stomachs full but sanlak how will they face the halwa
rosh ” mumma just one spoon of halwa is enough for me it has so much love in it that my stomach can’t take more
(me : even rosh is making excuses that means the halwa’s really gud i gues 😉 )
swaragini too make the same excuse and j too
but poor sanlak they can’t make any excuse it’s their astha aunty so they have to eat it
all done sanlak leave after the dinner for their maheshwari mansion.

Precap : maheshwari mansion intro of the family members a few memories sanlak reach home. ragsan liplock and swalak fight .

hope you like it and guys please do comment even silent readers u’re comments and suggestions encourage us to write more
and improve our ff’s too
keep reading guys 😉

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  1. Why sanky cant live rags what happend

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  5. guys jiya is the one who doesn’t know the past so u’ll come to know the past through her only naa and in that past there only ragsan and swalak everywhere and yea i can’t reveal but there’s another couple tooo you guys can have a guess because by now you might have known that couple and yea they are the reason of our ragsan separation so sorry but soon you”ll see the past

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