Sisters Forever (Episode 5) (Part 2)


.thanq so much everyone.
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recap : swalak eyelock. sanskar and jiya meet at the campus.Will jiya know the past??
plot :
parking lot rosh in a hurry dashes into someone
rosh : i’m so sorry i was in hurry ..
tanmay : it’s okk darling i don’t mind…
rosh : mind i wish u had one which language do u prefer to here mr. thakral???
tanmay : which ever you would love to speak rosh??
rosh : i don’t think you would understand even that anyways i’m getting late and i don’t wanna waste my time on idiots!
tanmay : i love when u call me that and yea me and you going for the same meeting then y not go together ?
rosh : i have a car and i know driving so i don’t need a driver like u? byee
and she leaves. tanmay smirks and leaves for his car.
at the adda :
swalak : here they come
sanky and j comejust then. before anyone could taunt
j : statue ! see as i’m the youngest and i’m the one who’s never been late to meetings before i and sanky get a concession
today. okay?
everyone nods in a yes

j : over . so shall we begin ?
ahana : but were’s the new guy ?
j : what sid still isn’t here bt he toh…
sid just then comes and says ” sorry sorry just a prof caught me!!” and everyone’s attention goes there .
lucky’s fist changes as if he’ll knock someone out but swara holds his hand calmin g him and reassuring him as their eyes meet
jiya notices this but then sanky who’s just turned to see the new guy has a total change of his expression there’s a anger in his
sanky’s pov ” how how can he come back after so much that happened have he lost his mind but then no sanskar you’ve promised

her and all above u’ve promised chotu that u’ll never be that again but how how can i forgive him he has taken my family
my uttara away. no i can’t forgive him. but then..”
someone hold’s his hand with care with love it’s ragini their eyes meet it is as if she’s asking him to be calm asking him
to not change asking him to be sanskar. jiya who’s been noticing all their expressions thinks something is fishy but then
maybe she’s thinking too much she goes to sid and drags him inside and she makes him stand next to sankar and then standing

in between them
j : so guys this is sid i mean sidhant thakral my senior and new student 5th year mbbs so sid which grp would u lyk to join??
sid luks at her as if confused
rags : there are two boys groups and two of girls well lucky’ rockstars look after the music system arrangements and

swara’s bubblegums luk after the college’s various program decor and food arrangements ; then there’s my grp the angel’s we look
after the costumes and the seating arrangements and lastly the cultural official group headed by our gs sanskar it luks after
the general stuff so i guess u would join lucky’s grp u’re a guitarist it would help them better in music arrangments.
j(as if amused ) : and how do u know that rags dii??
rags doesn’t know what to reply just then

swara : well he luks like one so may be she thought ..
j : kuch bhi she said as if..
lucky : arre j mata let it be someone ask mr. sid’s opinion too naa?
j gives a okk luk and turns towards sid
sid : yea sure i’m a music composer and i luv guitar rockstars would be good option i guess ..
sanky : okk fine then it’s 6 already before rosh dii comes lets finish the general stuff and yea jiya i

need a rough draft for the freshers till monday?
j : yess bosss 😉
and they hav a discussion stuff something well till then lets move to house yaar once also we didn’t go there sorry
mathur mansion :
astha had again tried something new today i mean we all could guess by luking at the kitchen’s avatar it’s as if a world war
has finished.
astha : jiji what do u think ??
sumi : awesome astha kids are gonna love it
astha : really jiji (she gives her a hug bichari sumi really god only knows what gonna happen at dinner tonight)
shekhar at phone : rosh beta u’ll pick them up right???
rosh : yea badepapa you don’t worry and dad called he said the deal got final and i guess he’ll be here by 8 tomorrow!
shekhar : okk fine come soon the dinner’s on u’re mom tonight !
rosh : ohh no!
shekar : ohh yess 😉
he signs the driver to leave and gets inside mm
at college :
j : so mr.saviour how did u like our crew??
sid : i liked their junior leader more (teasingly)
j : ohh thanq thanq well so c u tomorrow then ??

sid : definitely !
she side hugs him just then sanky arrives sid starts to leave they ignore each other
jiya notices this but before she could say
sanky : champ coming ???
j : is that something to ask ?
and they leave together towards sanky’s car

swaragini along with lucky wait at the gate for rosh
her car arrives
swaragini get inside the car
rosh : lucky get in i’ll drop uh
lucky : no dii thsnk i’ve to drop omi today he’s car got punctured so..
rosh : okk byee
and the car leaves .

Precap : digvijay gives a surprise to the family swaragini hug him. jiya teases sanky they have a cute fight. dinner fun
maheshwari mansion and the family intro.

Credit to: nidhi

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  2. Jiya charecter was so nice

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    2. i’m confused wether i should bring all maheshwari bro’s for the four sister’s or someone different for jiya and rosh

    3. and tanmay is negative

  3. Amazing yaar…

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