Sisters Forever (Episode 5) (Part 1)


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links to my previous epi’s and a recap of episode 4

recap : jiya and prof mishra’s convo tanmay and rosh’s conflict sanskar saving rags and a flashback of memories. does omi
love rags ??
plot :
college : swara andd lucky are the first to reach the adda. ahana is checking on the instruments just then she notices
that swara is coming towards her
ahana : swaraa!!!
swara trips on the wires and is caught by lucky on time they share an eyelock. rj and sana smile seeing that
ahana comes running towards her
ahana : are u alright babes !
swalak realize and lucky in a sense of teasing leaves her and starts laughing
lucky : i mean rj just luk at some people they can’t handle themselves and wanna be cultural head
swara : you !! she gets up and hits laksh they start fighting again
rj and sana separate
rj : i mean dude like seriously for a moment i thought u guys were lovers and then at the next moment u fight like cats
and dogs.!
swalak : US AND LOVERS !!
they laugh as if it were a joke. just then omi comes holding rags she has a little sprain swalak get worried and run towards her.
ragini : relax guys it’s just a sprain
swara : yea just a sprain and how did u get that just a sprain !?

before rags could reply laksh lifts her up and makes her sit on a chair
laksh : omi u idiot ! u should have taken her to the medical na rj! go and get the first aid.
rags : swara lucky chill ! i’m fine don’t makee me feel like i’m hospitalized guys ! it’s just a sprain.
swara sits down and folds rags jeans a little to check her leg
lucky : ragini does it hurt !
swara : no she’s on 9th heaven u idiot it’s a sprain wat do u expect it to give happiness.
laksh is just so worried for ragini that he doesn’t reply to swara’s taunt as he knows she’s is in more pain than rags
because might be swara is mischevious bold and upright but when it comes to her sisters she just can’t handle it.
rags : guys i’m fine it’s just..
swalak : how???
rags : i was removing a few buks and i fell if it weren’t for sanskar then i would have definitely been hospitalized
swalak see a smile appear on rags face while taking his name SANSKAR her sanskar but den they realize the reality
rags notices the sad look on their face after she took his name
rags : but then if it wasn’t for omi i wud’ve definitely reached here after the meeting by the way guys don’t u think

omi’s become too caring these days helping people doing samaj seva !
omi realizes that he’s become the target now
omi : what samajseva i’m not ragini devi u c i did wat a friend does for another friend and i wudn’t hav done it for any

other girl in ur place (bubblegums give him a luk) wat u guys are our rivals right if u expect me to pick u then forget it
rj : whatever guys don’t u think buks and libraries have become harmfull these days i mean if they can hurt buklover rags
then wat will happen to books allergens like us !?
and all start laughing.
office :
rosh : anjali did u call?
anjali : ma’am i tried but they didn’t pick
rosh : okk get the meetings lined up i’ll try caalling them.
rosh calls jiya. meanwhile in college jiya picks it up
jiya : yes dii
rosh : how was ur first lecture ?

jiya giggles and says : awesome !
roshni : okay listen we’ve got an event on sunday to attend evening one badepapa’s command so don’t plan anything for
sunday evening inform swragini too okay???
jiya : sisy weekend awesome dii i’ll tell them luv u!
rosh: luv utoo i’ll come to pick u guys at 7 byee.
and the call disconnects
roshni smiles at j’s childish behaviour
college :
jiya and sheena rush to leave for the adda and just then jiya remembers something she turns around
sheena : where ?
jiya : i just forgot something you go i’m coming
sheena : sure???
jiya : no u idiot
sheena frowns
jiya hugs her and says acha baba sorry go i’ll come !
sheena leaves and jiya goes to the opposite side she bumps on sidhant
sidhanth : miss express going where ?
jiya : ohh mr.saviour soo sry i forgot to tell u about the adda..
sid : the cultural meeting room !
jiya : and how do u know that ?

sid : it’s a secret come lets go!
jiya : i’m sorry but i’m going to meet someone!
sid : SPECIAL!! (teasingly)
jiya : yup that he is. the one and only dapper dude and GS of the college my hero well if i start praising him we won’t
reach the adda on time.
sid : okk boss
jiya giggles and rushes to leave. sid smiles and leaves too
jiya as if on a race runs towards princi’s office and she takes a pause it’s him sanky ! she goes and gives him a tight
hug he spins her around as if a child.
Profssors watch them and smile it’s so cute.
sanskar is so happy to see her his cutie pie he’s chotu the happiness he got by seeing her is priceless noone not even
his family thought they could ever see him smiling again but he’s happiness laugh on her innocent jokes and mischeives
say it all. jiya is a perfect copy of her. His sister his only family uttara.
(uttara maheshwari – khyati mangla from swaragini. she’s bubbly cute and the only girl child of the family.She is the youngest
in the family and the favourite of all especially her brothers. An arts student and an aspiring teacher. Her death
was a mystery for everyone and a severe loss to her family. )

2 years back he still can’t forget the day the day which should have been the best day of their life became the worst nightmare
for them. if it weren’t for jiya he wouldn’t have ever learned to live his life again. Never ever does a day of his life goes
without seeing her face talking to her listening to her stories of her’s and swara’s antic misheives. Frankly saying
jiya isthe only reason he’s connected to the mathur’s and the maheshwari’s his own family whom h doesn’t take as family
any more.
so is this the reason behind ragsan breakup ?
sanskar puts jiya down and she acts as if she’s dizzy
sanky : are u alright ? i’m so sorry i just got excited and didn’t..
jiya : ohho sanky it’s not the spin dat made me dizzy it’s just the love and care dat i got from morning and now your’s
(as if she’s proud) i justcan’t handle so much u c!!
sanskar laughs at her :really then next time i’ll see it that it’s not more then u can handle 😉
jiya remembers something : omg ! sanky it’s all ur fault

sanskar : what???
jiya : idiot MEETING!! we r late !
sanskar :so what are u waiting for run!
and they rush to the adda
office parking lot roshni is running late for her meeting and in a hurry she dashes into someone…..

to be continued …
sorry for the mistakess and next part of the epi will be uploaded tomorrow
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Credit to: nidhi

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    1. you don’t need to say please rohi it’s ragsan only 😉

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  4. Awsm episode eagrely waiting for past

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