Sisters Forever (Episode 4)


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recap : swalak fights.rags and swalak meet sid.
mathur office :
rosh is checking on an associates work. meanwhile a man enters the office and is coming towards her.
the associate greets him” gud afternoon tanmay sir”
(tanmay thakral: sid’s elder brother.well a character from the past to be revealed soon 😉 )
roshni is confused and shocked at the same time.
tanmay : so miss mathur no greetings no meetings is this how you treat an old friend.
roshni (to the associate) get the mistakes corrected by 5 and file in my cabin go and call anjali to my cabin.

roshni : lets have all our greetings and meetings in my cabin please i don wanna create a scene here.
college : jiyana is about to enter the class and just den steps bak and gives a worried expression.
prof mishra(physics lecturer) : ohhh welcome miss jiyana class come on class wish her a gud AFTERNOON!.
jiya : i’m sorry sir. 🙁
prof : no no dear i’m sorry its my fault.
jiya : sir actually it was u’re fault too..
prof : and how is dat??
jiya : u only said na in last lecture dat we shud follow wat ever prof maya (sports ma’am and yea she’s damn hot) says
prof wid a smile : uhmm well wat did she?
jiya gets inside the class and stands nexts to him: she said dat fitness is the most for a person for example prof mishra
is so handsome and maintained being a physics lecturer he’s never stressed and behaves so well (prof mishra’s smile widens

more as if he’s proud) so do daily cardio and excercises not dat he does(he gives jiya a luk) he doesn’t require to
do dats y (prof’s smile returns) so that’s i was doing cardio and got late it’s okk i’ll tell miss maya dat prof mishra…
mishra : no no wat i mean to say is fitness is gud u shud continue but try not bee so late next time i’m not angry class
do i luk angry no jiya i’m not go take u’re place lets begin wid electrostats today.
sheena who’s watching all dis starts giggling slowly jiya goes and sits next to her.
sheena : cardio and all miss mathur
jiya : jab koi prof ho naaraaz nikalo miss maya k naam ka rambaan 😉 (wen a prof is angry at u use miss maya as a saviour)
jiya gives her a hifi
in rosh’s cabin :

roshni sits in her cabin calmly and tries to control herself
tanmay : so miss mathur so plain calm unexpected haa!
rosh : wat u did was unexpected too tan.. well lets not try to bring the past and give me reasons to not be calm.
what do u want tanmay?
tanmay : YOU !
rosh is about to say just den anjali knocks.
rosh : come in
anjali : ma’am sir digvijay has informed about the orphanage’s on sunday at 7 pm ma’am.
rosh : okay call my sisters and inform dem to be free and meet tanmay our ex-business partner.
tanmay waves at her
anjali : gud afternoon sir wud u like anything to hav ?
tanmay : i wud luv too hav sumthing but u can’t giv me dat dear !
anjali wid a confused luk : yes sir?
tanmay : nothing plss and thanks for the courtesy!
anjali :u’re welcome sir and she leaves

tanmay ( wid a grin) : cool ha she remembers nothing!
rosh : tanmay as u heard i don’t hav time for ur nonsense i’ve a meeting to attend still u’ve 5mins den u may leave
tanmay : i need just ten seconds to tell u dat i love u and can do anything to get you back. meet u at the event luv.
he gets up and leaves.
rosh : well i use my 5 secs to tell u tanmay u don’t matter to me neither den nor now and never ever even in future
hope we never meet again.
and she signs him to go.
college campus : well lets know about the college’s most happening groups it’s called the crew( u guy’s could suggest

a name for it please) it has the lucky’s rockstars omi, rj; swara’s bubblegums ahana, sana and
tanya; ragini’s angels (it’s the grp name dat rosh had wen she ws in colg) shriya, sannidhi, trishna and sakshi.
all in one as a single big troop which luks after the college’s various events and functions it has many more members and
one more grp attched to it is the aryans and the head of the group is the gs of the college (the gs is a secret wnna know him
wait for the next epi you may hav ur guesses ) and ayush and randeep(rd)
the adda is cultural/practice room of the college.
library :
ragini (herself) : how could you do this to me to us and now for what are you back. i’ll never forgive u sid never
She’s on the ladder removing a book lost in her thoughts and falls down.
omi runs to catch her but before that she’s caught by sumone her eye’s are closed in fear
“if u’re so afraid what was the need to beome jhansi ki rani ” she opens her eyes and a wide smile is spread on her face

a smile that he’s here for her it’s him SANSKAR
(sanskar maheshwari – varun kapoor from swaragini. he’s the gs of the college studious, responsible and the heartthrob of
the college. dream of every girl of the college and he’s still a dream. final year mba student and a guitar lover. )
There was a time when sanrag was the love song of the college a man who was impossible as a friend for any girl lost his
heart to the most simplest yet modern girl of the college the most happening couple now don’t even happen to be friends
but yet he can’t help it she’s the one whom he loved he loves still she can’t be stranger to him den y are they so far
A past a friend turned foe yet to know a lot about them lets move further with the present
THEY are so lost in each other that they don’t realise that students have surrounded them
librarian : ragini are u fine?
they are distracted sanskar makes her sit on the chair. omi goes to her
rags : yes ma’am (librarian and others start leaving.sanskar is about to leave she tells him) thanks ! sanskar ..
sanskar gives her a smile and leaves

omi : ragini (with concern goes near her ohh he loves her he so much luvs her ) are u fine shud i bring first aid.
rags : omi ! chill i’m fine u caring too much that too for a girl doesn’t suit you 😉
omi : u and chill doesn’t sound cool and yea i’m just doing wat a friend does.
rags : okk omi baba now lets leave for the adda or u know wat the consequences might be (teasingly as they knows j might be
late for college lectures but for meetings of the crew she’s neva late and if others are then only god might save them )
omi helps her stand and they leave together.
precap : the adda meeting sanskar and sid confront each other jiya finds everyones behaviour weird roshni and a unknown
run into each other.

suggestion would be loved if any
keep reading keep loving 😉

Credit to: nidhi

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  1. Awsm entry by sanskar ,ragsan too

    1. thanq so much manisha

  2. wow….amazing ff…plsss post …..previous update link……plazas…ur story really different and thank u so much for ragsan…..jiya is very funny character in ur ff good job…keep it up ..and post next part soon

    1. thanq so much manvi in next epi i’ll surely post the links keep reading

  3. really difficult to remember all characters, otherwise it’s nice

    1. thanq rosy and sry for so many characters

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  5. Oh story was too gud dr but one thing maintain paragraphs clarity of conversations dr it will be better dr story was too gud i loved it…. sorry meine kuch galat kaha tho

    1. don’t say sorry dear i’ll try and make it more clear next time thanq so much

  6. Ur ff is very different n intresting yaar… in today’s part i really luv sanskar’s entry n ragsan part… keep it up… 🙂

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  7. ragsan moments r awsm

    1. thanq so much porkalai

  8. Awsm…but can u plz tell me who is in tanmay’s roll

    1. thanq kaya tanmay is negative role he’s sidhant’s brother and madly in luv with rosh

      1. What tanmay negative role oh no rosh ko kya hoga

  9. Nice
    Can u tell me the pairs
    Finger crossed
    I want ragsan

    1. swalak and RAGSAN 😉 jiya and rosh are yet to be decided thanq yashal

      1. Jiya = krystle dsouza
        Roch = nia sharma

    2. i meant pairs for jiya and rosh dear

      1. Ok ok
        M sorryyyyyyyy ?

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