Sisters Forever (Episode 3)


beginig wid a thanq everyone even silent readers. thanq for ur lovely suggestions and compliments
fr my epi through comments.
The newbie as called by the students steps out frm his car a dapper dude by his height and personality
locks his car and leaves for the admin office with a file. Its hard to guess who he is lets follow him but wait
before that lets have luk at the mathur mansion :
“be ashamed u idiot first day ofcollg and ur late today itself god knows wat will happen to ur patients
when u beome a doctor ” astha

roshni tauntingly “simple mumma u’r daughter’s clinic will open itself at 12 pm”
jiyana in a hurry” hahaha very funny in future wen i’ll become a daughter den c who taunts whom” :p
(jiyana mathur – tanya sharma from saath nibhana sathiya)
sharmistha ” stop teasing her u both my jiyu will be the best doc now here have it fast ”
jiya smiles “badimaa if i’ll sit to eat den i’ll be super late” just den driver arrives and calls rosh
“madam” rosh “uncle u go wwid badepapa i’ll drop rosh in colg and den come to office” he gives her the keys
jiya “badimaa before badepapa comes and says he’ll drop me it’s better i go wid rosh dii ”
“jiyaaa!” astha is about to scold her bt she kisses her and sumi and runaway dragging rosh.
college :
the guy he might be at the admins office there he is talking wid the admin “hii this is sidhant thakral.
5th yr mbbs student.” adminluks at him and says “you’re dat x student right? ” he nods “here’s ur id
the colg’s glad to have u bak mr.thakral ur class is at.” cutting the admin sid says ” i remember every thing sir
(fake smiles and turns ) EVERYTHING”

(Sidhanth thakral – karan tacker from love ne mila di jodi A young handsome boy wid a past a sad past that made
him leave mumbai and return as well.a guy wid a motto loves his guitar a gift from sumone connected to his heart)
while at the parking lot another car a red bmw Z4 enters and stops just a inche bak frm the mercides its a guy out
from the car wid a bang all the colg gals stop at his sight a guy comments “and the dude’s here”
no doubt dat he’s the dude of the college any guesses it’s none other then lucky
( laksh maheshwari -namish taneja from swaragini.A drummer by passion 3rd year business student. well character we’ll
get to know further)

“lucky, it’s a new guy dude” rj (rajeev khandpal – lucky’s bestfriend ) “new or old he’s gonna (throwing his keys
towards omi another friend of lucky )pay for it ”
He leaves for the class (i wonder wat their timings for the lectures are they are arriving to college as if VVIPS.)
anyways i guess jiya’s in damn trouble today she’s yet not here ohhh name the devil and the devils here wel in their case
i wud say beauties here 😉
“ohh mumma j!” jiya kisses her and says “u’re the best dii” and gets down locks the door and again “luv dii now go to
office or ur asssociates will take ur classs today :p
“ohh pagal sis of mine ” and rosh drives away
lucky is in the corridoors wid his friends professor jaya( she’s a lecturer for engineering ) comes out of the lec
“thanq so much mr. laksh”
luucky is confused a bit “thanq y prof??” professor fake smilingly “for saving misses dutta’s energy of teaching”
and now the other two’s start leaving bt prof stops them” no no y u guy’s are leaving u guys came on time it’s we who came

early isn’t it rajeev and omi” and the prof leaves. At that time ragini who was controlling herself starts laughing aloud
lucky “yea yea very funny i come to colg and wait fr u sisters and dis is wat i get taunts from prof laughs frm u and den
again taunts frm ur” sister” ragini “okk fine crying star sorry! (teasingly)btw which sister of mine are u talking about ?”
“i have three sisters hope u know that ” makes a face
“twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder WAT U ARE ”
“so this is the SISTER i was talking about ” swara “ohh really so it’s true laksh urf lucky does talk about me ohh i’m
blessed” makes a omg face. ragini ” u guys carry on i’m in the library” aand she leaves. rj too sneaks out wonder y???
sid is in the library issuing his buk after wich he leaves. In the corridor rags is coming towards library removing
a few buks frm hr bag unaware of sid who is too going in the opposite direction checking the buk he issued and they collide
sid and rags are face to face the buks fall down and the papers from his file are thrown upwards and fall down as if petals
falling their eyes meet and it’s clear there’s sumthin a clash of feelings emotions rags and sid sum flashbaks is it love
is it betrayal omi is stunned to see rags in sids arms. “LUVGURU!!” he knows he does just den rags and sid get distracted

she starts picking up her buks sid tries to help but in vain. rags wid a calm but cold expression”thanq but i don’t need ur help
i can do it myself!” picks her buks and goes away omi turns around and runs bak to lucky. Sid to himself “i’m sorry rags”
jiya at admin office “sir last chance” admin “frst of all u’re late and nw u demand for a chance it’s frst day and today
itself u behave like dis” just den sid enters “sir!” “ohh! sidhant u forgot to get ur timetable here it is” he gives it to sid
sid luks at innocent faced jiya and smiles having a flashback of ragini making the same face”wait sidhanth miss mathur it’
s ur punishment now to take sidhanth on a tour of the college and help him settle it’s a last chance for u hope as i always do!
that u won’t repeat ur mistakes again” jiya has a wide smile on her face “thanq sir” she drags sid out of office
and sighs “hushhhh! hii jiyaana mathur u can call me jiya” sid smiles “sidhant sidhanth thakral” “bt for me u’re my mr.
saviour thanq so much” and befor he could say “we’ll begin wid finding some new frns for u follow me!” he wid a smile

mathur industries : roshni enters the office and everyone greet her she reciprocates and goes towards her cabin “anjali
come to my cabin wid the tender files i need the briefing right now” and she goes inside
(anjali sarkkar – roshni’s assistant a hardworking middle class girl )
meanwhile at the corridoor lucky and swara are in a tiff wen omi comes running he tries to say sumthing but then who cud stop
swalak fights it’s lyk trying to stop a worldwar rj whose at the corner enjoys the seen but seeing omi worried goes to him
omi tells himsumthing in his ears and his expressions change to a shock
just den jiya come’s wid sid behind her and “so ppls here they go again it’s a war between rockstar and hottie queen
and now giving u guys a brk welcome our new member of the crew sidhanth thakral!” and she turns it’s sid his smile changes
to plain shock. laksh and swara whowere happie at seeing jiya are too shocked to see him lucky is angry and starts fuming
is about to say sumthin swara stops him and smiles at jiya”partner! ” and goes towards her lucky realizes the situation
and changes his expression “finally my saviour’s here chotu tell ur sister dat i’m done wid our worldwars she’s just too
jealous of us as a couple” jiya giggles “partner just bare him for today atleast by the way say hii to our new member sidhant
” swara smiles towards him and says ” hi swara mathur 3rd year llb student” sid realizes dat they don’t want jiya to
know and reciprocates wid a smile” sidhanth thakral 5th year medical” jiya squels “samepinch well from nxt yr bythe way”

and everyone laugh ” well member of the crew not so easily huh !”laksh gives a wicked smile.
jiya to all ” well dats true lets have a official meet after the lectures at our adda !” 😉
“omi rj” omi and rj (unison) ” done j!”
jiya to sid “i’ll go to class den u coming? ur’s is in our floor ”
“no i need to go to locker room ” “fine see u later saviour” she kisses swara and leaves punching lucky. he gives a funny
luk and makes sure she’s gone turns to sid who’s about to leave “u srsly think we’ll leave u fr wt u’ve done ?!” sid
doesn’t reply and leaves lucky growls and swara calms him” not now lucky but soon!”

Precap – roshni is checking on an associates work just then a man enters the office and goes towards rosh the associate
greets him “gud afternoon tanmay sir ” roshni is confused to see him. at the adda swara “lucky i hope ” laksh “i hope the
same too swara ” 🙂

suggestion time names for omi rj and tanmay is my writing as in the dialogues and description okay or do u guys want me to write
fast forward as in less convo’s and lengthy epi’s
guys please do comment and share ur view about todays episode and sorry guys for late update


Credit to: nidhi

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  1. Hey nice ff but pls use full words no short form.. N pls the dialog are confusing.. I mean who actually speaks the dialog.. I can’t understand it… Sry if I hurt you.. A friendly suggestion

    1. no i’m sry for dat regan i was in a hurry while writing i’ll see to it that my next epi is clearer
      thanq fr the suggtion 😉 keep reading

    1. thanq angel

  2. Srry..but Its totally confusing not story but ur writing ,pls mention who is talking wat r dey talking seperately Don’t mess up all

    1. srry for the confusion vaishnavi i’ll keep it in mind next time thanq fr suggestion keep reading

  3. WOW ? this episode is amazing

    1. thanq so much manvi 😉 keep reading

  4. Nice one yar pls continue

    1. thanq so much manisha 😉 keep reading

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