Sisters Forever (Episode 21)

So here goes the second last epi of my ff the most awaited one hope you guy’s like it 🙂
recap : sanky and sid are on good terms . rosh and tammy reconcile

at the college as the ppt’s going on the other member’s leave and only j avsid swalak ragsan are left there the ppt stops suddenly and a video starts playing
the whole confession from start ” tanmay : ae you jealous ??
rosh : yes i am ! tammy : y soo?? rosh shouts : because i love you damnit!!
swalak are dancing when the music goes off they don’t stop swara : y do you always do injustice to me lucky?
laksh muses : and how do i do that?
swara : by flirting with other girls even though you know that i love you !
laksh’s expression changes to happiness : you know you would regret being drunk tomorrow ! i love you to infintiy ..
swara : drunk people always speak the truth you idiot ! but you’r not drunk how will i know if your saying the truth?
she leans closer to him
laksh : well for that i guess a kiss would work.. but hey wait what if you hit me with the other stilleto tomorrow??
swara chuckles hitting his chest and pulls him closer : No i won’t….
and they kiss finally a passionate one . the scene shifts to ragsan who are at the bench watching the stars

ragini’s counting them : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ..30
sanky chuckles :hey how come 30 after 10 cheater!
rags grins : i’m drunk don’t you know for me 1 star looks like three
sanky : fine how about you count them tomorrow !
rags : but then i love sitting next to you watching the stars although i’ll hate it tomorrow !
sanky muses : y soo??
rags : because you don’t like my company !
sanky : who said that to you ! i love your company !
rags : then y did you say that day that you hate me !!
sanky : because i was upset i was .. i lost my sister damnit !
rags : and what was my fault !
sanky saddens : nothing …. i’m sorry but you didn’t even ask the reason for my hatred to you i just thought things assumed them to be when in real it was nothing but misunderstandings all the time!
rags : so am i forgiven ??
sanky : no ! i’m sorry for blaming you for nothing but everything!
rags smiles cutely : you love me??
sanky : more then my life !

the scene shifts to j and sid
here avni turns to leave when j holds her hand
the scene sid confesses everything how he came here to take revenge from dp for tanmay’s parents death how he fell in love how tammy gave him idea to hurt dp by dumping uttara on the day of proposal and insulting her everywhere with the kiss video but then they got intimate and he realized how much he loved her when uttara’s accident happened and he confessed everything to tanmay who himself has by now realized how wrong he was and then before they could repent uttara had commited suicide leading it to be the news of the town they had to leave the town then and there how much he still loves uttara and noone can take her place in his life
sid : sorry j! you are even more cuter than uttara and i love you too but not that way ! uttara was, is and will be my first and last love forever !….
as the video ends all are teary eyed but happy at the sametime!
even rosh and tanmay are there holding hands and j realizes what might have happened and smiles at the thought
j looks at avni: so uttara do you still want revenge??
sanlak swaragini and sid stare at them in total disbelief of the name she just took!
j looks at avni : i give you a quick 10secs offer just as old times hug me back and say that you love me and i’ll think my ut is back ! avni is teary eyed and j grins : before the idiots start asking questions please!!
and she hugs her tightly smiling through her tears : i love you idiot even more than the idiots who are staring at us for an explanation!
j giggles : hey don’t make me cry my image will get spoilt !
as they separate j clutches avni’s hand tightly and goes towards them : well i know it all but then i don’t want my bestfriend loose the chance of her apology meanwhile i inform our families about everyhting.
avni wipes her tear : i’m sorry everyone especially ragini and swara because of me you guy’s had to suffer a lot
sanskar bhai laksh bhai i’m sorry
sanlak are in tears literally : choti!!
avni nods and tells them everything how she survived and miss dutta saved her. due to face damage she gave her a new face and then about sara her 1 and half year old toddler
as the brother- sister moment goes on j interrupts : that’s not fair choti comes and all forget the chotu haan!!
sanky smiles : how can we for get our chotu the masterind !
he hugs her and lucky teases : even if we try to we can’t, who knows you might make us talli the other day !
swaragini and rosh glare at j who makes a puppy face : well uttara and sid should get some privacy before the elders bash us and yea misses dutta called sara is missing me i’ll go pick her up you guy’s go to mm even badimaa badepapa and mumma papa are there

she runs off before the sister’s get a chance to nab her for the talli mischief ….

Precap : the last epi for the season with a shot info of the next epi

hope you guy’s like it do comments guy’s even the silent readers .

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