Sisters Forever (Episode 20)

Recap : swara and rosh’s talli video, sid saved j and yea j’s got a valentine gift 😉
college : j and her phone have become inseparable the whole day as the lectures finish she comes to the library returning her
books she receives a text
sheena : come to the corridoor sid is here
j leaves in a hurry as she reaches there what she sees is unbelievable well for everyone sanskar and sid are shaking hands
and he says him a thanq again j smiles widely at this change in his behaviour
as sanky starts to leave j comes to him instead of going to sid for her work : thanq !
sanky smiles at her : for what? this ohh i thought i should say a vote of thanks for saving my lifeline last night and
bringing her in one piece !
j grins : trying to be sarcastic haan!

sanky shrugs : yea i guess!
as they walk sheena too follows them
j : so rags and you are going for a tour of the library i heard ?
sanky : yea ! some study stuff just !
j giggles : people go for movies, for parties, pubs, clubs, etc.. and you guys are giving them a new option err..
going to the library !
sanky smiles at her comment : yea it’s a peaceful place you see no money for entry and yea from morning 8 to evening 8 it’s open
for us so yea library it is!
at the office rosh is all tensed in her cabin as to what happened last night she looks at her phone it has tammy’s no.
“should i call?? no! no! bad idea! what might he think and what if he thinks i’m being too casual of last night, i should call.
As she calls the ring goes but the phone isn’t being picked tammy who’s busy in a meeting has
left his phone in his

cabin rosh gets restless as it’s never happened before that rosh has called and mr.tanmay hasn’t picked up
she thinks what if something had happened to him he doesn’t ignore my calls never, ohh god she takes her car keys and leaves
in a hurry
in the college, j goes and stands next to sid as sanky’s explaining the others j is checking on something ignoring sid
sid : i’m sorry look i really don’t remember what happened last night i was drunk and .. and just atleast don’t ignore me
please like this!!
avni whose standing behind gets extremely worried
j looks at him :woah !! wait a sec (she removes her headphones ) now say what ??
sid : you weren’t ignoring me !
j : seriously y should i? look i know what happened last night but i don’t think you need an explanation so please shut up
and listen to what sanskar is saying and let me do my work please !
at tanmay’s office he comes to his cabin and checks his phone to find 20missed calls from roshni he gets worried just then

the door flungs open and here she is all huffing and panting “are you fine??”
tammy looks at her worried : yea but y were you calling me ?? is there any..
rosh : y weren’t you picking my calls? i was so worried you idiot! i thought something happened to you!
tammy is about to say something when he remembers j’s words
“look if you want her to express her feelings for you which i bet she has then ignore her especially her calls once you do that
trust me she’ll come running to check whether you’re alright ! and worrying for someone well that’s not what we do for
strangers atleast!”
he smirks : well can i have a rewind of your words ! sounds like you were worried for me?
rosh composes herself and tries making an excuse: not for you but for me! look what ever happened last night
it wasn’t my fault !
tammy : then whose fault it was miss. drunkard !
rosh :haww ! you called me a drunkard !
tammy : yea and a rapist too ! y are you here now to console me! (he says covering his chest with his hands )
rosh moves forward : look i am .. and he moves backward as if in fear
this is damn funny !

rosh stops there : stop overeacting !
tammy : really when girls do it’s reaction and when we boys do it’s overreaction!
rosh realizes where he’s going : look don’t bring the past here i know you were wrong back then but when you confessed
you repented for your mistakes i forgave you tanmay !
tammy smiles : really then y do you still do this to me to us rosh !
rosh looks at him: i need some time to think about this!
as she turns to leave he holds her and turns her towards him: just say it once i promise i would never comeback to your life
rosh looks into his eyes : but i don’t want you to go damnit!! i want you to be in my life .. forever …

Precap : ready for the misunderstandings to be cleared ??

hope you like it do comment guy’s just two more epi’s to go 😉

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