Sisters Forever (Episode 2)


well first of all thanq so much guys for ur comments and suggestions they encouraged me to write more.thanq so much

so before we begin lets have a intro of the characters
Roshni digvjay mathur (simran kaur from na ana is des laado & anamika) – she’s sweet, lovely and beautiful.
she’s 23 and works for the mathur grp of industries. dance is her hobby and passion.
Being the eldest she is the most mature and caring sister.
Swara shekhar mathur (helly shah from swaragini) being a twin she’s 3mins elder den ragini. so next to
roshni but totally different from her she’s the bubbly, chirpy, naughty and a hottie 😉
she’s 20 and a law student. singing is her hobby and guitar her passion.
Ragini shekhar mathur (tejaswi prakash from swaragini) swara’s twin sister but definitely a copy of rosh.
she’s modern yet simple and beautiful. she’s 20 &An aspiring engineer. loves to sing
and sitar is her favourite instrument.
Jiyana digvijay mathur(suggestions please) the youngest in the family hence the most pampered one. She’s
the chotu of the house and swara’s partner in mischief. The naughty cutie yet the the
intelligent kid of the house.She’s 17 and wants to be a doctor. Dance is her passion.
now the members of the house;
Shekhar mathur (sachin tyagi from swaragini) the eldest member of the family. sharmishtha’s husband and
father of jaideep, swara and ragini. A businessman by profession owns the mathur grp of
industries. being the eldest he’s the pillar of the family.
Sharmishtha mathur (parineetha borthakur from swaragini) wife of shekhar and mother to jaideep, swara and
ragini. A sweet and caring mother and wife sshe’s a classical dance teacher.
Digvijay mathur (chetanya adib from balika vadhu) shekhar’s younger brother husband of astha and father
of roshni and jiyana. A businessman and owner of mathur grp of industries. Shekhar is
like a father figure to him.
Astha mathur (sonica handa from swaragini) wife of digvijay and mother of roshni and jiyana. She’s a
designer. she loves her daughters and she’s a dramaqueen !
Jaideep mathur (Shivin narang from veera) he’s the eldest among the kids 25yrs old. He works in an iit
firm in US.
and last but not the least i’m the narrator not jiyana mathur as i said in prev episode so lets begin were
we paused last epi,
roshni tries calling jiya but she doesn’t answer “omg j were the hell are u! ” she calls swara …..
“yea dii we reached college driver unc..”
“swara J’s not in her room” swara”wat!!”
roshni”mom’s calling her from wen if she comes to know dat j’s not in her room den u both
are dead” swara ” but y mee?? ” roshni “cos u’r her partner in crime and dis time i’m not…
and the bell rings roshni” i’ll call u later”
astha opens the door and is shocked “jiji !”
roshni comes down and is relieved but surprised too. it’s jiya in a track suit .
astha “jiyu bacha do u have fever.. are u allright ” jiya ” badepapa!! ” shekhar “astha instead of appreciating
u’r taunting my bacha” “waise bhi kabhi kabhi toh jaati hai ” everyone start laughing
jiya “bass now u too badepapa noone loves me ” sharmishta “shekhar astha stop now. jiya bacha go and change
or u’ll get late for colg.” jiya goes to her room.
meanwhile in college,
swara on phone “idiot y didn’t u pick the phone”
jiya ” sorry partner next time such mistakes won’t happen” swara ” did anyone doubt on you??”
jiya ” nope everyone was convinced” ragini “swara we are late already and ur talking on phone!”
swara “just a sec ragini ” ” jiyu it prof mhatre today i’ll call u later byeee”
mathur mansion :
roshni “were is ur cell?? ” jiya “bad manners dii u should knock before coming but it’s okk jao maaf kiya”
roshni “donn change the topic J!”
jiya ” okk fine friend’s party.emotional blackmailing dii no option only for meso i went it was her 18th birthday naa”
jiya makes a puppy face. roshni “fine stop making puppy faces but u shud have informed mumma atleast”
jiya “mumma..she doesn’t let me go to sheena’s(sheena bajaj from best of luck nikki. jiya’s bestie) place alone for
studies and u think she’ll let me go for party dat too late night hahaha.. are u joking dii”
roshni is about to say but jiya kisses on her cheek “luv u dii bt i’m getting super late ” and runs to change.

a black coloured mercedes enters the premises and is parked in the area which has a star on it. I guess it’s
reserved. All students are amazed at the sight a girl comments” this ones in serious trouble man” . and hey luk
a guy steps out of the car. another girl ” this newbie is damn handsome yaaarrr” well i agree wid the gal too 😉

PRECAP : swara “twinkle twinkle little star” lucky “well colg k frst day par i’ll take it as a compliment miss mathur”
ragini in a hurry trips and her buks fall down. the newboy tries to help but “thanq but i don need ur help i can do it myself!”

excited please do comment and share ur views on todays epi do suggest ur ideas they help me improve the article more.
I hope u like it. keep reading keep loving 😉

Credit to: nidhi

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  1. Nidhi It was good dea
    Nd meera frm sath nivana sathiya (i dont know her real name) will suit for jiyana’s character

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    lookingg frwdd for cuteee ragsan scene……….
    loveddddd the bondingg btw the sistersssss

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  5. Superb and please make ragsan I waiting for next update….

    1. tthanq manvi

  6. vaishali takkar – sanjana(sanju) of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

    1. thanq for the suggestion leher

  7. Plz make it swasan or otherwise just tell the pairs

    1. well it’s gonna be abit twisted so can’t cnfrm the pairs yet sry

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