Sisters Forever (Episode 19)

recap : tammy: ab kya muh dikhaunga mai duniya ko ek ladki ne meri izzat loot li. sid is confused too with what happened last
night here swalak were chased by dogs and rescued by watchman of the hotel. ragsan and swalak leave for mathurs mansion.

plot: as swaragini enter the house just one step and they hear sumi speak : so how was the party?
swaragini look at her with a fake smile.

rags thinks somethings fishy even j and rosh aren’t there while swara says: mumma it was so awesome we loved it then
it became late so we had to stay there only
shekhar signs from behind as to not speak but swara does n’t understand
sumi : and what about your cell phones are they still staying at the hotel or have you brought them ?
swara : yes maa wait (she removes her cellphone from her purse and shekhar hits his head lightly )
shekhar : leave it now the girls must be tired let them freshen up frs..
sumi glares at him and he backsoff keeping a finger on his lips she goes forward and snatches the phone from swara’s hand
opens a video and shows to both of them as the girls stare at the phone screen their mouths open up wide and then
ragini starts laughing loudly just then sanlak come there with rosh and tammy too and are confused as to y rags is
laughing as such shekhar too grins when they come forward they see swara singing jingle bells and touching and seeing
every passerby on the road’s beard asking him if he’s santa and then dancing like a talli (well that she was last night!)
and next comes guess who? it’s rosh going to the backyard of the hotel there’s a pool and as she’s dancing on the tune

she falls in the pool and then she laughs at herself and dances in the pool gigling when tammy comes to stop her she starts
flirting with him !as the video ends on the three of their faces rosh and swara are all red meanwhile everyone is laughing
and even the elders are trying to control their laughs !
swara and rosh look at rags angrily : y only us both where are you in this video??
rags clutches her stomach laughing : wel.. (she tries to control herself) j loves me more than you both (and she laughs again)
but then sumi shekhar get serious and sanky notices it and his smile fades when he sees sid coming down from upstairs
and astha comes holding j who’s not in a good condition
sanky gets tensed up and goes forward to j ignoring sid as he knows for now she’s more imp than him!

sanky : heyy! you okay ? what happened ??
j smiles at him : nothing much a drunkard happened last night
sanky’s fists tighten and he looks at sid to which j keeps a hand on his shoulder saying : he saved me although he was a drunk too.
And yea it was the truth last night after the dance when j was calling sumi a drunkard comes to j and misbehaves with her
thats when sid comes at the nick of time and gives him a good punch on the face !
sid leaves but not before turning back to look at j one last time .
rags comes to j and hugs her : you okay??
j smiles evil : hmm.
meanwhile sumi and astha serve breakfast to all sanlak have changed into shekhar’s clothes and are coming down when j starts
laughing at them they are wearing payjama’s and walking catching it as if it were a long skirt
lucky gives her a fake smile : hahaha !
rags grinning : you guy’s look like a dampsel in distress!
and swara and rosh start laughing at her comment
swara : nice one now i would call lucky a DID!
astha looks at her to which j replies : ohho mumma dampsel in distress DID !
astha makes a face at her.

after the breakfast ap comes with fresh clothes for the boys : jiya baccha someone sent a gift for you
j comes to ap with a wide smile as she takes it even without reading the name she opens the wrapper handing it to astha
and looks at it up and down it’s a black box
rosh interrupts : jiyu ! first look at whose given the gift atleast
she takes the wrapper : ohh its from vivek!
and all eyes look at j as if she were commited a crime by accepting the gift she hands it over to rosh
j : then no need to see. it’s definitely something idiotic!
swara teasingly : and how can you say that??
j gives her a meany look :because out of all the four brothers he’s the one unique piece ! annoying and idiotic
she huffs and keeps her hands around her chest
rags teasing : very bad j! see ap aunty is feeling bad now. how can you say like that to her son!
j fake smiles : i’m not saying anything to her son i mean lucky sanky adarsh bhai all are so good (she looks at ap) are you
sure vivek isn’t adopted (sanky and lucky have a grin and ap smiles nodding in a yes) then i guess he might be exchanged in the
hospital idiot!
rosh :arre baba atleast open it first who knows it turns out to be good?
j : why don’t you open it ??
swara and sanlak come next to rosh who opens it and kaBOOM! a clown face pops out of it making rosh jump up squeling !

j : hahaha ! you appreciate it now!!
rosh sadly : yea yea you guy’s and your equation
she gives it to her as they all go and chat with ap jiya goes to her room and sits on the bed unknown that sanky’s just
behind the door
she opens the box again this time from the downside a beautiful bracelet is shown with small icon’s of the things or places
she loves as she wears it , it tinkles shinning to the morning light ohh there’s a note too,
“happy valentines idiot !
– your’s hating idiot :p
she smiles murmuring hate you too, you moron. as the door makes a creaking sound she hides the box but the bracelet is still
in her hand, enough to be noticed by rags who smiles : hate is the first step to love right sanskar !
sanskar whose behind the door comes out brushing his hair with his hand : yea like swara and lucky right?
j : ohh it might be for them but for us arghh! as in me and this moron no ! what sort of a boy gifts a girl a clown??
rags : the sort of guy who knows that you like idiotic gifts ! btw nice bracelet
she winks at her to which sanky looks at her confused
rags says taking his phone : just as you knew that your brother wanted to see the result of his gift on her face!

j smiles and as she gets up the bracelet tinkles to their amusement she shakes it more making it tinkle again.

Precap : well it’s ending in nest three epi’s so suspense toh banta hai na πŸ˜‰

thanq for the lovely comments hope yu guy’s like my today’s epi too πŸ™‚

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  1. mindblowing …

    1. thanq cute girl

  2. What endimg

    1. hayathi 3 more epi’s to end the ff πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome but y r u ending it?? misunderstandings r still not cleard right??

    1. thanq aarti still 3 more epi’s the misunderstandings will get cleared πŸ™‚

  4. Don’t stop your ff yaar..

    1. i’ll come back with a new season after this ara πŸ™‚

  5. yaa plzz don’t end it ….I just love your ff..

    1. liya it’s coming back with a season 2 πŸ™‚

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