Sisters Forever (Episode 18) ragsan and swalak

i’m super sorry for being late again and again and thanq for the comments guys they really mean a lot to me thanwq silent readers hope you are enjoying the epi too.
recap : swalak and ragsan moments sid confesses everything to j in his drunk state !

as the morning bird chirps rosh get out of her night dilemma and starts curing under her breath her heads paining so much as
if it would burst any moment but what’s more shocking is that she is wearing woah wait a moment this isn’t her room and to her
left is a man sleeping cutely with a smile holding her hand she smiles looking at him… but then the realization hits her
she hits him hard on his head with a pillow :ouch!! what the …
he looks annoying at her to find her glaring at him: how dare you !! you freaking (she holds her head its paining)ouch !! you
what did you do last night with me tanmay !!

tanmay is about to say something but then he starts looking at her innocently : me ! no baby not me it was you who did everything
rosh looks at him confused when he says : yes you wre the one saying tanmay i love you i desire you how dare you flirt with other
girls am i not beautiful awww tammy baby please don’t leave me i love you come baby muah!.. muah.. (he says this acting so
funnily that anyone can say he’s doing it purposely) and then i can’t tell you what happened next mai kya muh dikhaunga ab
duniya ko ek ladki ne meri izzat loot li hey bhagwan !!(what face will i show the world a girl took away my respect ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
he leaves from there saying thus and rosh looks at her hands and thinking trying hard to remember what happened but she can’t frustated
she hits her head onto the bed !
sid wokes up and find himselff dizy but then what he sees next turns him just pale a girl is sitting in a corner her head down she’s curled
and sobs can be heard ! sid widens his eyes and goes to her and touches her lightly it’s j! with a sad face crying
sid : j ! what happened are you okk!!!
he sees he’s shirt is missing and wait where is he and why is he with her last night was he drunk ohh no!

j hiccuping her cries : i never knew you were so tharki after drunk !
sid catches his head with disbelief : j !
j makes a sad face : i tried but then how can a girl so naive stop a guy like you so strong with bicceps
he’s about to ask she stops : just don’t question! take me home please !!
sid leaves still in disbelieve and trying to remember what happened last noght ! damn the drinks!!
j leans aside to watch sid going inside the room and she clutches her mouth laughing on the floor trying not to let her voice come out!
her phone beeps :your sister’s never gonna drink again ๐Ÿ˜‰ – tammy
and she giggles replying him : so is your bestie cum cousin !
she hears some noice and takes some water from the jug applying it on her face as tears!
under the tree sun rays hitting their face swalak in each others arms swara wakes up to find herself caught in lucky’s arms

and barking noises can be heard she looks in front and turns pale she shakes lucky who replies annoyed : stop barking swara!
swara hits him saying : i don’t bark you IDIOT! laksh his eyes still half close : y soo?? swara turns his facinig towards
the group of dogs infront of them barking : because they do ! laksh is still sleepy i guess : dogs in my room hey guys it’s my territory
so behave ! swar looks at him with disbelief : yea right if this tree is your room and the road your house i guess the next moment
you would be the mogli of the town ! laksh looks around realizing they are at the roadside under a tree and the DOGS! : swara
thank god your sandals broke last night ! swara loks at her legs moving them :haww ! but y soo !
laksh : to run ! before they bite us for sleeping on their teritory !
swalak seriously run from there the dogs following them all the way …
ragini shifts a bit on sanskar’s chest and sanskar gets up by the disturbance he looks at a sleeping ragini a strand of hair

on her face he slowly pins it behind her ear and adores her lovingly ragini gets up with some noise the barking dogs and
wait it’s swara shouting aloud ! she gets up with a start and looks at sanky who’s watching her
rags : was that swara and lucky shouting !
sanky makes a face : no it’s dogs barking ! ohh wait yea someones shouting
ragsan getup and go to the gate swara with her gown torn or rather i would say shredded at the lower portion and laksh thanking
the watchman shaking his hands and hugging him delighted for saving them from the dogs
rags is about to question her but then her head ! arghh!! sanskar offers them a lift and swalak too come.

precap : sumi : where’s your cellphone ??
shekhar signs swara but she doesn’t understand

guy’s i’m super happy to tell you that i’ve almost finished writing the ff do you guy’s want me to continue writing a season 2 ??
do tell me because if yess it’s gonna be damn interesting as i have already set the plot do comment guys ๐Ÿ™‚

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