Sisters Forever (Episode 16) (part 2) valentines special

plot : the evening party venue, and our mathur girls are all set to make the venue sizzle as they enter there’s no person even
the girls at the party stare at them with aww and jealousy starting with rossh who’s wearing a blue strapless gown with silver
stilletoes and a statement piece to accesorize her next comes our swara who’s looking smoking hot in her red gown with noodle straps
and pumps to match her , our cute ragu is looking gorgeous in her pink strapless gown and pumps and lastly comes our dampsel in
distress holding her gown and trying to avoid the stupid boys gawking at her. Swara glares at her and j murmurs an okkay with a face
and starts walking straight she’s looking just awesome in her black gown all ready to kill the boys with her looks
sheena comes there chirping. j looks at her surprised :hey i thought this party to be for business freaks and their family

but looks here’s someone soo totally opposite
sheena frowns : you didn’t like that i came here
j keeps a hand on her shoulder : nothing like that babes i needed a valentine for me anyways and your just perfect
she hugs her and sheena smiles : ohh god are you drunk ???
sheena smiles idiotically : hehehe nop just had a shot only one two three….
j hits her head with her hand but then she smiles widely :sheens babe i just love you will be back in few minutes
and she leaves from there
sanskar’s at the terrace watching the stars when he hears something break. he turn to find a smirking ragini falling here and there
and laughing like a crackpot “ha .. sans…(she points afinger at him)haa.. see they say(she loses balnce but sanky holds her)
true !
sanky : ragini whats wrong with … ragini keeps a finger on his lipss: shhhh … it’s my dream and your supposed to behave as
i want haiillo … now stand straight or else (he complies and stands straight but then ragini looses balance and falls down
sanky goes to hold her but she drags him too leading them both on the floor ) now mr.phattu look up and watch the stars
so beautiful naa

sanskar looks at ragini and smiles : yea really very beautiful ….
ragini looks at him they share an eyelock
here rosh who’s frutrated looking tanmay flirting and compliment some girls takes a glass unknowingly from the waiter and gulps
it j who saw her thus hit her head in frustration : today i will loose all of my pocket money i guess
she gives the waiter some money again and points at swara unknown that even sid’s standing next to her : and yea take two glasses
this time
the waiter goes she stands next to rosh : soo how does it feel ???
rosh is starting to feel all gloomy yet fumes at tammy: just look at him how jerk he is !
j smirks : is he jerk or are you jealous !
rosh : uh..m i meant not that i need to go to restroom
she leaves and tanmay smirks watching her thus j goes to him :it seems this valentine you will be lucky
just take care that she doesn’t bang her head some where and yea don’t even try to be touche’ or you’ll repent for it
when i will be touche’ towards you
tanmay grins : i won’t be touche but from tomorrow morning all these idiots will never even dare to be edgy
j giggles and he leaves
the music plays suddenly and sheena starts dancing “mai naagin naagin naagin dance nachna ….”
j goes to her and tries stopping her “sheens stop it ” but who couldcontrol a talli !
swara starts going all jingle jingle bears and santa claus she trips over the carpet and falls down “swara mathur you idiot

it’s santa claus coming around!” laksh looks at her thus and gets shocked “swara ! whats this get up !” he tries holding
her but she shouts at him instead ” huh don’t talk with me cant you see i’m calling santa claus dont disturb !”
he shrugs murmuring a okay he’s about to leave confused at her behaviour when she says ” stop ! you are santa claus na
i’m so sorry santa i thought you to be that idiot lucky !” laksh looks at her mused when the realiztion strucks him”swara
are you DRUNK!” swara smirks laksh bends in front of her “santa you look just like him! hehe” laksh ” swara its me laksh ”
he waves in front of her and she laughs again”hehe yes laksh i want him as my valentine forever santa she keeps her hands around
his neck “my christmass wish is that i want laksh for me only me santa can you knock some sense in him so that he stops flirting
with every girl that passes by ” laksh smiles “and y should i doo so??”
swara smiles widely “because i love him …” their eyes lock as if the times freezed….
here our ragsan are so lost they dance on the song dil ibadat …… when suddenly ragini has some flashbacks
sanskar : i just hate yyou ragini just go from here we are no more together
ragini stands there shell shocked swara speaks loudly : whats raginis fault sanskar how can you ..
ragini speaks calmly : swara lets leave

swara looks at her teary eyed : i’m sorry sanskar i did a mistake by befriending sid i’m sorry it’s all my fault ..
and she runs from there ….
fb ends tears start gushing from her eyes and she runs from there
here sid is at the entrance as if waiting for someone just then avni enters and passes by
sid :excuse me!
avni gets freezed hearing th voice she turns slowly sid : your broach ! she takes it from him and leaves from there
sid feels strange but then he sees ragini whos coming out crying he’s about to follow her when j holds him by his collar
j : how about you andme a dance ??
sid : it’s your sister jiya she’s crying aren’t you worried ??
j : well sid i’m a selfish brat i don’t really worry about anyone then myself ! and as for ragini dii how about i tell you

being the reason behind her sorrow !
sid looks at her shocked : what? how??
he starts feeling gloomy but j holds him : for that siddy boy you’ll have to dance with me
sid complies he’s loosing his balance when j holds him they are so close and avni whose watching it from a distance takes it all

Precap : ragsan swalak kiss. next day morning …. are guys ready for some cute moments between the couples and do you llike how

j’s playing cupid for the couples ?????

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