Sisters Forever (Episode 16) (part 1) valentines special

recap : the truth revealed it’s all j rosh and tanmays plan sheena too knows it all the plan begins
plot : sanskar’s all gloomy having flahsbacks of uttara and sid then the moring confession where j sAid she loves sid
when a hand comes on his shoulder he turns to find it’s raagini she’s looking at him so concerned and lovingly not able to control
his feelings he hugs her
rags: sanskar you know na j can’t go a single day without talking her stupid antics to you so chill mr.phattu and stop crying
sanskar smirks and looks at rags :what ?
sanskar : you called me that after a long time… remember the first time you called me that
flashback :ragsan are at the pub and there shots kept infront of them sanskar : ragini no i’m not doing this nope means no!

ragini frowns : thats not fair sanskar if you don’t then..
sanskar lifts his brows up: then??
ragini : then (she fake smiles )i’ll call you a phattu forever
sanskar looks at her as if yourr joking right ! ragini nods in a no : i’m not MR.PHATTU ! yea from now you sanskar maheshwari are an
official phattu my mr.phattu she laughs at his expression
sanskar : fine jhansi ki rani i’m a phattu…..
the fb ends rags :it was never my fault sanskar i never knew he was here for betrayal
sanskar : he was your best friend ragini i warned you both not to hurt my sister !
ragini annoyed : for a hundredth time sanskar i never knew he was here to hurt uttara i loved her damnit more then i loved you!

j and ut were never two different people for me and for sid i just trusted him blindly thinking he was my friend ! what was
my fault sanskar you had no right to break my heart never if ut was here she would have hated you for what you did to me!
she left from there and sanskar just kept looking at her……

at mathurs swaragini squel happily seeing rosh at the door “dii!” they hug her tightly
rosh : whoose ready for the gifts ?
swaragini excited :me!
astha and sumi tell them to have dinner first then do whatever they want the girls comply and go to change.
sumi looks worriedly at the door astha goes to her: jiji what happened
sumi worriedly : don’t know astha jiya is making me worry day by day with her change in behaviour my jiyu who was the reason of

our happiness is behaving so strange these days
astha consoles her smiling :how strange na jiji i nevr said this but today i’m really feeling blessed to have this family especially
you and bhaisaa i may be the one who gave birth to roshni and jiya but truly it’s you who they always listen and the way you
treat them even more than swaragini and jaideep
sumi hugs her :all are our kids astha not yours or mine astha nods happily
jiya :seriously mumma you don’t leave a day without making badimaa emotional see she’s crying now !
jiya goes to her and hugs her tightly : missed me
sumi nods and jiya kisses her forehead cutely :mumma i’m hungry how about you let me eat first and then i’ll change

astha hits her lightly: lazy bird go freshen up or you’ll fall sick then
jiya : okk wait! she goes to the kitchen sink and washes her hands and face and comes back saying “i’m done freshening up
badimaaa please!” she makes a puppy face “okk i’ll feed you or else astha will start with her hygiene rants baccha ”
astha hits her head :ohh god when wiill this one get some senses !
jiya sits to eat :see learn something from badimaa she’s so sweet
the girls come down at the table rosh tauntingly: ohh look here a baby’s being fed by her mumma should i briing a bottle of milk for
you beta
jiya : hahaha accept it your just plain jealous ! she smirks
rosh :whatever!
they have their dinner swaragini are worried with the morning events and look at j whose all normal and back to her cute and stupid
antics irritating astha who looks at her miffed

j : aww mumma y do you have such special face mudra’s for me i mean i know i’m special but you just look so funny like that !
swaragini and rosh have a hearty laugh at their cute nokjhok
at rosh’s room she’s brought swaragini and jiya gowns for tomorrow’s party
swara’s holding her red gown with noodle strips she looks cutely at the mirror “i love this dii but not more than you ”
ragini looks top to toe at her strapless pink gown “dii are you planning to make us cinderellas for tomorrow its just so amazing”
rosh ” well you guy’s think about the tinker bell sitting over ther i don’t think she liked th gown ”
jiya looks at them : yea right dii are you planning my wedding tomorrow it’s just so cinderella types just as rags di said

how about you guy’s arrange a pumpkin cab and then i’ll leave my glass heals at the venue so that next day the prince comes
finding his cindy and gets stuck when he knows we all wear the same size sandals
swara : miss nerdy whats with you and the flowy things start wearing something good it’s a valnetine party you can’t go
wearing a rugged jeans and a crop top!
jiya : yea right then what about the think that your wearing now!
swara’s actually wearing a black pink crop top one from j’s wardrobe and a rugged jeans: i meant for the party!
and she throws a pillow from the side j catches it :really i thought for your funeral ! and she throws it back on her face which lands

on to rags who tries to stop the fight swara and j laugh at ragini : you both idiots
and the pillow fight starts even rosh isn’t bared the scene slowly shifts to next day evening party…

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